Hungarian Union Conference


Organised in 1912; reorganised in 1966 and 1984)
Sub Fields: Duna Conference, Tisza Conference
Churches: 110
Address: Hungarian Union Conference, Ráday u 12, 2119 Pécel, Hungary
Website: www.adventista.hu
Email: [email protected]

The history of church in Hungary

In 1898 J E Huenergardt came from America to pioneer in Hungary and the Danube basin. En route to Cluj in Transylvania, he visited the first known convert in Hungary, Anna Nagy, in Budapest. In 1901 Michael B Orz, a convert of Huenergardt, began work in Budapest.

In 1902 a general meeting of believers was held – the first church was established the following year, and Huenergardt moved to Budapest. By 1904 there were 200 Hungarian and German-speaking members. Literature evangelism proved effective, and Huenergardt trained both ministers and colporteurs. German ministers came to help in 1910, and in 1911 a small publishing house was set up as a branch of the Hamburg house. Nationalised in 1949, it was restarted in 1989.

After Wold War I with its frontier changes, the Hungarian Conference of 450 members became part of the European Division and then, in 1928, the Central European Division. Ministers were trained at Friedensau or Marienhoehe in Germany, or in England.