Group picture: This summer, ADRA Croatia hosted the third edition of its annual event, the BANOVANIJA23 Summer Games, in one of Croatia's most economically disadvantaged regions – Banija. A total of 155 local children participated in the games, which took place from July 9 to 21.

From Devastation to Inspiration

ADRA Croatia's Summer Games welcomes 155 children


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L. to r.: Josephat Mobagi, Joseph Kimeu, Joshua Momanyi, Ekron Samuel Nachi, and Isaiah Kirwa, five of the 32 students who took part in the Student Literature Program of the Norwegian Publishing House in 2023. The program began in 1965. This is the last year the program operates. Norsk Bokforlag, Studentprogrammet 2023. Cameradate: Wednesday, September 13, 2023 12:18.

Norway’s Canvassing Programme Closes – After Operating for 58 Years

“I consider it a tremendous privilege to have been part of this programme”


In Tune with Hope

East London Musicians Shine on BBC Songs of Praise

Croatian Music Summer Camp students play flutes

Maruševec’s Musical Marvels

The 8th Summer Music Camp


Dr Pardon Mwansa – My Journey With the Lord and the Church

Sometimes, when I respond to people I ask myself, "Did I respond with enough grace?"


South England Conference Session

Dr Kirk Thomas, Ann Swaby, and Nathan Stickland to lead SEC for next four years.

Girl getting baptised at a lake, Irish Mission summer camp

Baptisms by the Lake

Irish Summer Camp inspires youth


Denomination or Movement?

Can Adventists learn from the demise of the Church of England?

Zip line at SEC Xrteme Teens Camp

Nothing Compares to Jesus

The message of SEC Extreme Teens Camp

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