Sabbath School

The aim of the Sabbath School Department is to facilitate spiritual growth through systematic Bible study, meaningful fellowship, gift-based community outreach, and altruistic mission emphasis.

It works closely with the departments of Adventist Missions and Personal Ministries to assist church members in reaching these objectives.

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Follow the Grand Story theme series by Dr. Gunnar Pedersen

Living at the Crossroads

Adventism’s unique understanding of Scripture now has a tool that captures the storyline of the Bible.  In ‘The Grand Story’, Dr. Gunnar Pedersen gives 24 presentations outlining the logical plot of the Biblical narrative. Here we discover, “A story that provides a unique view of God, a unique view of the world and a unique world of existence.”  The purpose of this series is to provide all members with a framework for reading, interpreting, and teaching the Bible from a cosmic conflict perspective –  but particularly pastors and Sabbath School teachers.

Contact: Sabbath School team by email or phone +44 1727 860 331.