Sabbath School

The aim of the Sabbath School Department is to facilitate spiritual growth through systematic Bible study, meaningful fellowship, gift-based community outreach, and altruistic mission emphasis.

It works closely with the departments of Adventist Missions and Personal Ministries to assist church members in reaching these objectives.

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Adult Sabbath School lesson , 3rd Quarter

This quarter’s lessons are not a theodicy, the justification of God in the face of evil; instead, they are an attempt to help us work through the inevitable suffering we all face. Pain, suffering, and loss don’t mean that God has abandoned us; they mean only that, even as believers, we now share in the common lot of a fallen race. However, the difference is that, through Jesus and the hope He offers we can find meaning and purpose in what seems meaningless and purposeless.

Contact: Sabbath School team by email or phone +44 1727 860 331.