Wellbeing Webinars

A Fresh Look at Forgiveness

Karen Holford presents a short webinar exploring forgiveness and reflecting on relationships where forgiveness is needed.

Balancing emotions in an unbalanced world

Balancing Emotions in an Unbalanced World

Download her presentation slides here.

confronting our dark thoughts

Confronting our Own Dark Thoughts and Experiences

We have them because we are human  Download presentation slides here.

following your calling

Following Your Calling

What turns a job into a calling? In this webinar Andrew Baildam, a Consultant Breast Surgeon, explores vocation, overcoming fears and living to serve others. ‘Following Your Calling’ by Professor Andrew Baildam is part of…

Reparented by God

Reparented by God

How do we treat our children when they misbehave? How does God deal with us when we make mistakes? It is kindness, not shame, what leads to change. In this webinar we will explore questions…


How to Deal With Disappointments

In a broken world one cannot avoid going through pain, loss and disappointments. Therefore, we cannot use religion to avoid them, but to inform and determine how we handle them. If we are not intentional…

relational crisis

Relational crisis: What to do when wellbeing is challenged

How can we support someone going through relational crisis? In this webinar we will explore how to show empathy in practical ways and honour the people we love in their pain. “Relational Crisis: What to…

Lead Serving

Lead(serv)ing with a limp

Leading and serving through who God has created us to be. When we work on God’s team, we are most effective when we serve from who we are. Leading with a Limp is webinar presented…

Unexpected Grace

Unexpected Grace: An Unwanted Journey of Significant Loss

One of the consequences of living in a sinful world is that we will all, sooner or later, experience significant loss. It is also at these times that we encounter the amazing abundance of God’s…

toxic stress and resilience

Toxic Stress and Resilience – A Gospel Therapy

In this webinar, Mary Jo Vollmer-Sandholm speaks on the topic of ‘Toxic Stress and Resilience – A Gospel Therapy. This webinar is part of the Wellbeing TED Devotional webinar series. To watch the other webinars…

The changing face of evangelism

The changing face of evangelism: Seeking the Shalom of our communities.

By seeking the Shalom (Jeremiah 29:7) of the local community, churches learn how to engage the community in ways that ultimately bring well-being and flourishing to the people who live there, giving them a unique…

mind your child's health

MIND your child’s health

Mental Health problems affect about 1 in 9 children. These children are also in our churches. In this webinar, Clair Sanches-Schutte focuses on the state of mental health in children and how the church can…

pandemics & the Bible

Pandemics and Public health in Ancient Israel: What did Moses do?

This webinar reflects on how the impurity laws of Leviticus 13–15 and the Sabbath laws of Leviticus 25 can inform our thinking on Public Health and Health Inequalities in society today. To download the presentation…

serving with volunteers

Serving with Volunteers: continuing development of local leaders – who is responsible?

Local church leaders can be true assets to pastoral ministry. They are also required to adapt to new ministerial approaches within their home churches. How are they supported with this transition? In this webinar, Pastor…

connecting generations

Connecting Generations: Understanding Generation Z

In this webinar Pastor Njabulo Ndlovu shares what we can pass onto the generation Z and what we can learn from then in return. Connecting Generations: Understanding Generation Z is part of the Wellbeing TED…

deep or shallow discipleship

Deep or Shallow Discipleship?

In this webinar Pastor Jonathan Holder shares what distinguishes deep from shallow disciples and suggests a four-step approach to achieve deep discipleship. This webinar is part of the Wellbeing TED Devotional webinar series. To watch…

Youth, Happiness, Joy - Wellbeing webinar - YouTube

A Journey to Joy in the Life of Young People

In this webinar Pastor Dejan Stojkovic shares what a journey to joy in the life of young people may look like. This webinar is part of the Wellbeing TED Devotional webinar series. To watch the…

whats missing

What’s Missing CH–CH? A Serious Youth Reflection

‘What’s Missing CH–CH? A Serious Youth Reflection’ is the first webinar in the series focusing on youth as part of the TED Devotional webinars under the theme of Wellbeing. Adventist young people tell us that…

Proximity: Experiencing the fullness of the Gospel - Wellbeing webinar

Proximity – Experiencing the fullness of the Gospel

“Christian wellbeing is found in the fulfilment of crossing the barrier of self-centredness.” Pastor Jacques Venter in this webinar invites us to explore the richness of experience when we step into intentional proximity of forming…

healing generational trauma

Healing Generational Trauma

‘We know that early years’ experiences have a profound effect on who we are later in life.’ However, if those experiences are traumatic, how can the person be healed? In this webinar Pr Les Ackie…

encountering shame

Encountering Shame

‘Encountering shame’ by Adrian Peck is one of the webinars in the wellbeing series of TED Devotionals. Adrian Peck is the pastor for the Isle of Wight District. You can watch the other webinars here:…

Resting from stressing

Resting from Stressing

Download the accompanying document with references and resources used in the webinar:… Webinar ‘Resting from Stressing’ presented by Sharon Platt-McDonald is one in the series of Wellbeing webinars. To the the other webinars in…


Doing Forgiveness Well

In the last of the TED Devotional webinar series, Daniel Duda focuses on Forgiveness and Restoration. Although, there is no quick fix when it comes to forgiving, he emphasised that ‘doing forgiveness well is the…


A Fresh look at Conflict

Karen Holford takes a fresh look at conflict and ways to minimise it...


Dealing with grief and loss

In this webinar, Dr Gabor Mihalec, explores how we can deal with grief and loss. Dr Mihalec is a Family Ministries director at the Hungarian Union of Seventh-day Adventists and Family therapist. This webinar is…


Hope – Wellbeing webinar

Trans-European Division (TED) webinar ‘Hope’ presented by Pastor Patrick Johnson, is part of series of webinars covering the theme of wellbeing. Pastor Patrick Johnson works as the Ministerial Association Secretary and Discipleship Coordinator at the