Trans-European Division


Secretariat is responsible for helping forward the work of the church in accordance with the plans and policies agreed upon by the Division Executive Committee. They liaise with the 11 Unions and 3 attached fields to help with the application of policy; gather statistical information, and deal with missionaries (AVS) serving in other parts of the world and within the TED territories.

TED Special Days, Events and Offerings

The GC and TED Annual Councils approve a list of Special Days, Events and Offerings which are then recommended to the unions.

Calendar of Special Days & Events:

    Church Manual

    The Church Manual is revised and voted by the General Conference every five years. Below you will find translations of the Church Manual should you wish to read it in your own language. Please note that some translations are not of the most recent Church Manual.

    secretariat team

    Robert Csizmadia:
    Executive Secretary
    Dean Papaioannou: Associate Executive Secretary

    Michele Vitry:
    Executive PA
    Geraldine Hankin:

    Contact us on : [email protected]