Treasury is committed to promoting the highest levels of accountability and transparency, playing an essential role in successfully fulfilling its mission as it puts the organisation’s resources to best use.

At its heart, treasury is about building trust by supporting people, departments and institutions. It upholds the principles of good stewardship, carefully administering resources and facilitating activities around the territory by providing financial support with balance, prudence and grace.

We are stewards of what God has given us. He owns it, we use it.




Nenad JepuranovicTreasurer/CFO – Nenad Jepuranović

Wederly AuiarAssociate Treasurer – Wederly Aguiar

Mack Tennyson lAssociate Treasurer – Mack Tennyson

Anca TanasaSenior Accountant/SUNPLUS Consultant – Anca Tanasa

Frances JohnsonAccountant – Frances Johnson

Petro ClearyAccountant – Petro Cleary

Viera DudaAccountant – Viera Duda

Nathalie Jonsson cManagement Assistant – Nathalie Johansson

Zina Tsvetanova cPersonal Assistant – Zina Tsvetanova