Church Finances for Church Leaders

This Video Series has training videos to help presidents, executive secretaries, and other church leaders understand the denomination’s financial Statements.

Introduction to the Church Finances for Church Leaders Series


This treasury training video is for presidents, executive secretaries, department directors, and board members. The series helps you understand your financial statements, spot financial threats, be a good team member with your treasurer, and be able to spot resources for new projects.


We are all in this together


We are all in this together! How the financial actions of one organisation impact us all!


How We All Stay Together


It helps all leaders to understand a little about the Unifying Treasury Rules that Treasury reports must follow. They help you compare one organisation to another.


Financial Report Users


Oddly, it is important to understand who treasury targets its financial statements to. What level of expertise do the financial reports expect from their readers? Once we figure out who the Users are, we have to understand what kind of information they need and what they don’t need.


Financial Statement Overview


This video does a bird’s eye flyover of the entire booklet of financial statements.




Almost everyone thinks they understand what an organisation’s assets are. The truth may surprise you.


Current Assets


What are Current Assets? The Church makes a big deal about them because of their role in the Working Capital Minimum. Most people only have a general idea of what they are. This video will make you an expert. Sort of.




Oh No! Liabilities! Exactly what counts as a liability? What are agency liabilities and how are they different from our other debts? What makes a current liability current?


Net Assets


This video focuses on helping leaders find the money that is available for their great ideas. It helps you understand why you may look like you have tons of cash, but there may not be enough to use for your latest and greatest initiative.


Statement of Activity: The Introduction


The Statement of Activity shows the organisation’s financial activity. Where does the money come from and where does it go? What could be more basic?


Statement of Activity Accruals


Why is Tithe Income not the money you got from tithe? Why is this year’s Electricity Expense not the money you paid for electricity? Why is salary expense not the amount you paid for salary? Gotta watch the video to find out why!


Statement of Activity: Conclusion


Just a few additional points about Income and Expenses. This includes budget management. Almost done with the series.


Net Asset Statement


The Net Asset Statement is an essential source of information about what you have available for existing projects and for new ones. It is the President’s best financial friend.


Allocated Net Assets: Liquidity


Why is Liquidity important when you are looking at Allocated Net Assets? Things may not be as they appear.


Working Capital


How well does your organisation comply with the Church’s Working Capital Standards? Does it matter? How can you move your organisation towards having adequate working capital?


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