Treasury Documents

Accounting Manual

This accounting manual gives the denomination’s treasury policies in detail. It is much more than about accounting. The basic idea is that the denomination follows the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) adopted across Europe. It specifies the options within IFRS adopted by the Church. It explains additional denominational reporting requirements.
Download the document here.


Working Policy Manuals

There are two working policy manuals that treasurers need to be familiar with. The first is the Trans-European Division (TED) Working Policy and the second is the General Conference Working Policy. These are very important. TED Treasurers can get their pdf copy by contacting TED Secretariat.

Transparency and Accountability

Seventh-day Adventist Church values Administrative Transparency and Accountability as essential leadership principles. General Conference Presidential, Secretariat, and Treasury produced this document to outline how these principles apply in all aspects of church work. These principles are fundamental to the way we operate in Church Treasury. This document explains in practical terms how the Church, and especially church treasury, embraces them. Donwload the document here.


Sample Financial Statement

This is a copy of the Standard Financial Statements adopted by the denomination. It is extracted from the Accounting Manual and is often used in the TED Treasury Videos. Download the document here.