7 Ministerial Competencies



{slider  1 Christ Like Follower }

In response to experiencing the love of God, we choose to yield our lives to follow our Lord and Saviour. This frees us to seek the beauty of God (Psalm 27:4), with the result that as we contemplate the glory of Christ, we are being increasingly transformed into His likeness (2 Cor 3:18). Thus, we live out the purpose for which we were created, to honour and glorify God. (Isaiah 43:7)


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Zeal without Burnout by Christopher Ash (The Good Book Company, 2016)

Margin by Richard A. Swenson (NavPress, 2004)

Leading on Empty by Wayne Cordeiro (Bethany House, 2009)

The Course of Love by Alain de Botton (Simon and Schuster, 2016)

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The pastors' mental health and the COVID 19 pandemic The pastor’s mental health and the Covid-19 pandemic – During this unprecedented time in our contemporary landscape use these pointers on how best to keep mentally fit.

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Video Resources

bill knott

Building a Support Network – Bill Knott explores the vital benefits of consciously building a support network that will help pastors achieve their God-given potential.
Watch the video.


pastoral burnout

Pastoral Burnout – Ivan Williams shares an honest conversation on pastoral burnout, how to recognise the signs, avoid denial and where to get help. Watch the video.


developing positive relationship Elaine and Willie Oliver
Developing Positive Relationships between Pastors and Their Children – Elaine & Willie Oliver offer practical parenting tips to strengthen the bond with your children, in every stage of life. Watch the video.



Balancing church and family life Pamela and Claudio ConsuegraBalancing Church & Family Life – Pamela & Claudio Consuegra provide practical ways to balance church expectations and the needs of your family. Watch the video



Dr Albert Reece talks about knowing your numbers

Health: Know Your Numbers – Dr Albert Reece provides numbers that every pastoral leader should remember when it comes to their health. Watch the video.



dwight nelson edited

Pastoral Passion – Dwight Nelson shares insights into how to develop a deepening spirituality that can keep ministry passion burning brightly. Watch the video.



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Are You Sure you’re Fighting about the Thing you Think you’re Fighting about? –  Gábor Mihalec

Creative Ideas for Strengthening your Ministerial Marriage  – Bernie & Karen Holford

Encountering God – Pavel Goia

Fasting or Feasting Together? – Maria Trajkovska

Ignite Your Prayer Experience – Janet Page

Marriage 2.0 – Swap the Relationship, Not the Spouse – Gábor Mihalec

Ministry for an Introverted Pastor – Marianne Dyrud

Ministers and their Families – Leslie Ackie

Prayer and the Preparation for the Final Crisis – Pavel Goia

Protecting the Pastors and Members: Principles of Effective Ethics – Nikolaus Satelmajer

Saving our Families – Jane Page

The Battle Belongs to the Lord – Pavel Goia

The Good, the Bad and the Good again – Ivan Milanov

Turning Ministry Challenges into Opportunities – Jerry Page



{slider 2 Life long Learner

Our goal is to develop a growth mind-set in ourselves and others (2 Pet 3:18). This means we will personally invest in our continuing education and endeavour to nurture our church/es to become learning communities, including emphasizing the value of Christian education. Being a life-long learner will also result in us using a coaching and mentoring approach where active listening skills are practiced, and doubts and questioning are seen as necessary to the learning process.


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The Drama of Scripture by Craig Bartholomew and Michael Goheen (SPCK, 2006)
Simply Christian by Tom Wright (SPCK, 2006)
Practical Theology by Richard Osmer (Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing, 2008)

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Coninuing Education 155x87

The gift of continuing pastoral education – Lifelong learning leads to increasing knowledge, self-improvement, and personal ability, and social relevance.

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{slider-grandchild title=”BRI Seminar on Biblical Interpretation” class=”icon”}

1. The role of presuppositions

1: The Role of Presuppositions in Biblical Interpretation – Kwabena Donkor

In this first video of the Seminar on Biblical interpretation, Dr. Donkor will talk about presuppositions in Hermeneutics, and the role presupposition plays and influences our understanding of Scripture.

Watch the wideo

2. Elements of Biblical Hermeneutics2: Elements of Biblical Hermeneutics in Harmony with Scripture’s Self-Claims – Frank M. Hasel

In this video, we deal with some self-claims of Scripture and look at some Biblical principles of interpretation that the Bible promotes and supports. Let’s listen to what the Bible has to say about itself and learn from Jesus.

Watch the video

3. Variants Bible translations 3: Variants, Bible Translations and the Trustworthiness of Scripture – Clinton Wahlen

In this video, we will learn about texts, manuscripts, Bible translations, and the trustworthiness of Scripture. The Bible is the most well-documented and preserved document of antiquity that exists. How do Bible manuscripts and translations influence the interpretation of the Bible?

Watch the video

4. History Bible and Hermeneutics

4: History, the Bible, and Hermeneutics – Michael G. Hasel

Many people claim and believe that the Bible is a book full of historical mistakes and inaccuracies that cannot be trusted in matters of history. In this video, we will talk about the relationship between Scripture, history, and Biblical interpretation and learn why history is important.

Watch the video

5. Culture Hermeneutics and Scripture5: Culture, Hermeneutics, and Scripture: Discerning What is Universal – Clinton Wahlen & Wagner Kuhn

In this video we will look how culture and Scripture are connected? What is universal in the Bible? Learn about the complex and fascinating relationship between Culture, Hermeneutics, and Scripture.

Watch the video

6. Faith sience and the Bible
 6: Faith, Science, and the Bible – Leonard Brand

Can the Bible be trusted in scientific questions? What if faith and science clash? Can believers be true scientists? In this video, we will be discussing the intricate relationship between faith, science, and Biblical interpretation.

Watch the video

7. Principles of Biblical Interpretation
7: Principles of Biblical Interpretation – Ekkehardt Mueller

This video will be an introduction to how to unfold the steps that lead us into an appropriate understanding of the Biblical text. We will be looking at some illustrations and practical case studies for a better approach to Biblical Hermeneutics.

Watch the video

8. The use of Scripture by Bible writers
8: The Use of Scripture by Bible Writers – Richard M. Davidson

How did the New Testament writers quote the Old Testament? Are they using the wrong texts to support the right theology? Are they mis-using the Old Testament so that they give it a different meaning? In this video, we will discuss inner-biblical hermeneutics and how Bible writers have used biblical material.

Watch the video

9. Understanding Biblical Apocalyptic Prophecies
9: Understanding Biblical Apocalyptic Prophecies (Daniel & Revelation) – Gerhard Pfandl

Are apocalyptic prophecies (in the books of Daniel and Revelation) to be interpreted like any other biblical prophecies? Or what differentiates these end-time prophecies from other prophecies in the Bible? In this video, you will learn details of biblical interpretation that pertain to these apocalyptic prophecies.

Watch the video

10. Conditional Prophecies and the Role of Israel10: Conditional Prophecies and the Role of Israel – Elias Brasil de Souza

In this video we look in greater detail at the conditional prophecies in the Old Testament, that deal with the people of Israel, and the conditional character of these prophecies.

Watch the video

11. The Genesis Account
11: The Genesis Account as a Test Case for Biblical Interpretation – Michael G. Hasel

In this video, we will look at the Genesis account as a test case for biblical Hermeneutics. We will explore how the creation story is interpreted differently when it is approached with different methods of interpretation, and how this affects our understanding of these passages.

Watch the video

12. Adventist Pioneers

12: Adventist Pioneers and Ellen G. White on Biblical Interpretation – Denis Kaiser

In this video, we will talk about important Adventist pioneers and Ellen White and what we can learn from their understanding of Biblical Interpretation and the principles they used when they studied the Bible.
Watch the video

13. The Prophetic Gift
13: The Prophetic Gift and Sola Scriptura – John C. Peckham

As Adventists we claim to go by Scripture alone, but how does that fit with the prophetic gift that is also promised in the Bible? What about Ellen White and Biblical Interpretation? Learn about the relationship between the Bible and the prophetic gift and how they belong together.

Watch the video

14. Some Recent Trends in Methods of Biblical Interpretation
14: Some Recent Trends in Methods of Biblical Interpretation – Frank M. Hasel

In the last 50 years, many newer approaches to biblical interpretation have emerged, often criticising the widespread historical-critical method. In this video, we explore if the historical-critical method is neutral and can be used in a modified form, and look at the strengths and deficiencies of some newer canonical and literary methods as well as some post-modern approaches in Biblical Interpretation.

Watch the video

 The BRI Seminar on Biblical Interpretation videos are presented by the Biblical Research Institute of the General Conference of the Seventh-day Adventists

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Video Resources

Clinton Wahlen prepare biblical sermon

Study the Bible to Prepare Biblical Sermons – Clinton Wahlen explains how to study the Bible in order to prepare sermons that are rooted and based in the Word of God. Watch the video.


Gerald and Chantal KlingbeilAdult Education – Gerald and Chantal Klingbeil explain the unique needs of the adult leader, the characteristics of an effective teacher for adults, the ideal learning environment, and effective teaching methods. Watch the video.

anthony kent edited
Continuing Education for Ministry
– Anthony Kent explores the need for a planned program of lifelong educational growth in ministry.
Watch the video.




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A Critical Look at Last Generational Theology – Reinder Bruinsma


Adventist for a Secular Age – Dragan Grujičić


Amazing Discovery from the Qur’an About the Bible – Petras Bahadur


Christian Apologetics in a Postmodern World – Dragan Grujičić


Dissonance Between Faith and Science? Tackling the Age of Scientism – Birgir Oskarsson


Ellen G. White and her Significance for the 21st Century – Elliot Williams


Great & Small Controversy in Adventism and Beyond – Marko Lukić


Ground-breaking Stuff – an Overivew of Christian Geological Models of Origins – Birgir Oskarsson


Heavenly Sanctuary Theology in Ancient Israel – Kim Papaioannou


How to reimagine God’s Benevolence & His Intentions from the Beginning (1) – Gunnar Pedersen


How to Re-capture God’s Promised Hope for the Future? (2) – Gunnar Pedersen


How to Re-discover God Fulfilment for the World? (3) – Gunnar Pedersen


Is it all Greek to you? – Ivan Milanov


Israel in Prophecy – Richard Elofer


JESUS 101: The Everlasting Gospel from Genesis to Revelation – Elizabeth Talbot


Jewishness of Luke – Acts – Richard Elofer


One with God’s Purpose – Pavel Goia

Overwhelmed by God’s Goodness – Rudy Dingjan

Paul and the Law – Luther, the New Perspective, and Adventists
– Kim Papaioannou


Pre-Advent Judgement in Romans? Revisiting Paul’s Concept of Justification in Romans 1-3 – Jan Barna


Reading Revelation Responsibly Today: Discovering the Big Picture – Laszlo Gallusz

Religion and Violence – Dejan Stanjević

Sola Fide Revisited
– Rudy Dingjan

The Age of the Earth According to Scientists: How to Understand the Big Picture? – Birgir Oskarsson

The Gospels: Four Portraits of Unmerited Grace
– Elizabeth Talbot

The Gospel of Three Angels and the Illusion of Modern Technology
 – Jan Barna

The Progression in the Signs of Parousia in the Eschatological Speeches of Jesus – Jan Barna

Using the Methods of Rabbinical Exegesis in Intertextual Analysis of the New Testament – Adam Grzeskowiak


What about the Divinity of Jesus? – Petras Bahadur

Who is the Mysterious “I” in Romans 7:13-25 – Mateusz Krzesinski





{slider 3 Empowering Leader

As empowering leaders our aim is to multiply our effectiveness by identifying and mentoring potential leaders (2 Tim 2:2). Therefore, we will model good leadership practices (such as visioning, strategic planning and being values driven), mentor others through a learning process and then delegate appropriate levels of responsibilities to them.


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Values-led Lives by Llew Edwards (The Stanborough Press, 2017)
The Emotionally Healthy Leader by Peter Scazzero (Harper Collins, 2015)

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Team Effort 155x87Shepherding is a team effort 
– It really does take a village—learn how elders and pastors can work in partnership.

Read more.

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building trust as leader Building Trust as a Leader – Lowell Cooper explains the importance of trust and credibility in every leader.

Watch the video.



jan paulsen listning to young people

Listening to Young People – Jan Paulsen shares lessons of wisdom that can be gained from engaging in dialogue with and giving more leadership responsibility to young people.

Watch the video.



delbert baker emotinal intelligence

Emotional Intelligence – Delbert Baker explores the impact of emotional intelligence on leadership and how to harness its power for good.

Watch the video.


training church leaders

Training Church Leaders – Jonas Arrais and Jimmy Cardoso explain the vital importance of pastors prioritising time for training church leaders.
Watch the video.


leadin the vision edited 155

Leading with Vision – Eli Rojas shares how to discover and develop a clear vision for leading a local congregation. Watch the video



Elton Kohler - Visionary LeadershipVisionary Leadership – Erton Kohler shares his way of gaining and casting a vision that can motivate people and overcome resistance. Watch the video.


Raafat Kamal intentional leadership development editedIntentional Leadership Development – Raafat Kamal explains some of the thinking necessary to develop leaders that are united on the mission of the Church. Watch the video


engaging elders in ministry panel

Engaging Local Elders in Ministry – Pastor Anthony Medley together with some of his local church leaders reveal their approach to a shared leadership model and how this functions at their church. Watch the video.


{slider-child title=”EPC 2018 Resources” class=”icon”}

Emotionally Intelligent Leadership – Leslie Ackie

How to Bring Vision into Reality? – Bjørn Ottesen

In the Beginning, God – Stanley Patterson


Pastor and the Change Process – Dejan Stanjević

Pastors and Lay Leaders: Building a Successful Partnership – Nikolaus Satelmajer

Practicing Authority without Control – Stanely Patterson

Practising Godly Leadership in World that doesn’t Know Him – Stanely Patterson

The Four Seasons of Leadership – Jeffrey Brown

Why God’s Church must to be a Changing Church? – Reinder Bruinsma




{slider 4 Multiplying Disciple maker2}

Being inspired by the Great Commission (Matt 28:18-20) and the 3 Angels’ Messages (Rev 14:6-12), we will adopt a coaching approach to help all our members, as followers of Jesus, to lovingly lead another to be Jesus’ disciple, thus multiplying God’s kingdom (John 15:8).


{slider-child title=”Books” class=”icon”}
Discipleshift by J. Putman and B. Harrington (Zondervan, 2013)
The Great Omission by Dallas Willard (HarperCollins, 2006)
Growing True Disciples by George Barna (WaterBrook Press, 2001)

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Video resources

hyveth williams developing healthy children

Developing Healthy Children – Hyveth Williams reveals the importance of understanding how people’s past experience impacts them today.

Watch the video.


Tara VinCross

Growing Dynamic Disciples – Tara VinCross shares her experience as a local church pastor of intentionally engaging in growing disciples.

Watch the video.


a discipleship porgarmme that works
A Discipleship Program That Works – Antonio Huerta talks about how he created a discipleship programme that has worked well in his congregation.

Watch the video.



Growing Fruitful Disciples Bonita Shields

Growing Fruitful Disciples – Bonita Shields unpacks the idea of discipleship as an intentional process of growth. 

Watch the video.



discipleship mark finelyDiscipleship – Mark Finley provides practical counsel on training leaders and nurturing new believers as strong disciples of Christ. 

Watch the video


ty gibson on planting a church using storyline

Planting a Church Using Storyline – Ty Gibson shares some principles for successfully planting churches in a secular Western culture using a story approach.

Watch the video.


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Bringing the 21st-century Individualist to Church – Børn Ottesen

Church Planting Techniques in the 21st Century – Rudy Dingjan

Church Planting Techniques in the 21st Century – Simon Martin

Commonality between Islam and Adventism – Petras Bahadur

Cyclical Evangelism – Mission, Motivation & Practice – Kirk Thomas

Disciple-shift – Helping your Church to Make Disciples who Make Disciples – Simon Martin

Evangelism Planning: Five Ways to Fail and Five Ways to Succeed – Nikolaus Satelmajer

How Can your Church be Effectively Involved in Community Work? – Jovan Adamović

How to Preach Jesus to Jews? – Richard Elofer

Lessons Learnt from 17 Years of Church Planting in Oslo – Herald Giesebrecht

Live a Real Experience with God: Personal Reflections on my Church Planting Journey – Kleber Gonçalves

“Oh, Thou Mighty Man of Valour!” – Effective Methods for Evangelising Men – Andrew Rashford-Hewitt

Small Group Models that work – and all those that didn’t – Herald Giesebrecht

The Key Issue of Adventist Identity – Dragutin Matak

The Membership Engagement Challenge – What Motivates People in the Long-term? – Adriana Fodor

Transforming Discipleship: New Opportunities in Following the Master in a Post-Christian/Postmodern World – Kleber Gonçalves

What Motivates the Unchurched to Join the Church in a Postmodern Culture? – Adriana Fodor


{slider 5 Relational Shepherd

As relational shepherds we aim to build and nurture positive relationships (Col 3:12-17). Pastoral care takes place through our everyday encounters, intentional visits, spiritual counselling and intercessory prayers. By following Jesus as the Good Shepherd (John 10:14-15) our ministry will be one of incarnational compassion.


{slider-child title=”Books” class=”icon”}
The Enabled Life by Roy McCloughry (SPCK, 2013)
Just a Minute by Wes Stafford (Moody Publishers, 2013)

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{slider-child title=”Videos” class=”icon”}
Video resources

Shawn Boonstra effective evangelistic visitation

Effective Evangelistic Visitation – Shawn Boonstra shares principles for making non-threatening evangelistic visitations.

Watch the video


mark finely talking to visitors

Learning a New Language – Mark Finley shares ways to communicate with church visitors in a winsome way.

Watch the video


how nature leads to witness

How Nurture Leads to Witness – Bill Knott and Jared Thurmon make the case for the importance of nurture and pastoral care and its potential for the witness of the church community.

Watch the video

Ministering to the Grieving Anthony Medley Chad Stuart

Ministering to the Grieving – Anthony Medley and Chad Stuart examine some essential components to bear in mind in order to minister effectively to families dealing with death.

Watch the video


listening well webinar

Listening kindly – In a time of crisis, it can be a gift of incredible kindness to call someone and just listen to them, especially if they are alone, distressed, frightened and anxious. Here are some resources to sharpen your listening skills and infuse them with kindness. For more information and to watch the webinar, click here.

artur stele your church

Your Church: A Nurturing Community – Artur Stele discusses the need for changing the culture in our churches to be more friendly and nurturing.

Watch the video.


Changing the environment Bill Knott
Changing the Environment from Hostility to Harmony – Bill Knott describes the continual process needed to achieve harmony in the church and how to create opportunities for peace-making.

Watch the video.



impactful preaching henry wright

Conflict Resolution – Ivan Williams shares practical ways on how to avoid conflict and what to do when it happens.

Watch the video.



Heather Dawn Small abuse prevention in the church editedAbuse Prevention in the Church – Heather-Dawn Small explores the importance of educating about abuse, and strategies for dealing with it.

Watch the video.

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#ChurchToo: Why we can’t Keep Silent about Sexual Abuse and Assault in our Church? – Marianne Dyrud

Ellen G. White, Homosexuality, Gender Identity and Adventists – Elliot Williams

From Shame to Vulnerability – Adrian Peck

Generation Z: The New Youth and Reaching them for Christ – Adam Radmin

Making Connections, Creating Belonging, Inspiring Change – Sophia Nicholls

Millennials: Reaching and Empowering the most Disengaged Generation – Anthony Fuller

Pastor as a Victim of Spiritual Abuse: How to Protect yourself from others – Marko Lukić

Popular Culture, Youth Culture, and our Church Culture – Jovan Adamović

Thriving in all our Relationships – Jerry Page


Why do Youth Delay their Decision for Baptism and How Might Churches and Pastors Respond? – Tobias Edlund

Why Millennials Leave the Church – and How the Church Might Respond – Bjørn Ottesen




{slider 6 Inspiring Communicator }

Like all people, we are constantly communicating both with our lives and our words (Matt 5:16). Preaching and public presentations are two of our primary tools for communicating with a variety of audiences. Therefore, we will seek to sharpen our skills in being able to communicate the gospel with believers, seekers and the secular European mindset (2 Tim 4:2).


{slider-child title=”Books” class=”icon”}
The Challenge of Preaching by John Stott (Langham Preaching Resources, 2013)

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{slider-child title=”Videos” class=”icon”}
Evangelism – a website designed to facilitate pastors and church leaders in providing resources; fresh ideas and the latest news events.

Video resources

Randy Roberts memorable sermonMaking Your Sermon Memorable – Randy Roberts talks about what makes a memorable sermon.

Watch the video



c g - how to lead a small group study

How to Lead a Small Group Bible Study – Clifford Goldstein shares helpful tips for leading an inspirational small group Sabbath School Bible Study.

Watch the video


Derek Morris sequence preaching

Sequence Preaching – Derek Morris explores the benefits of developing sermon series and gives practical tips for how to do this.

Watch the video


Bill Knott, the interactive sermon

The Interactive Sermon – Bill Knott explains how to better engage your congregation during sermon time, moving past the days of passive listening.

Watch the video


Benjamine Reaves preach with power

To Preach with Power – Benjamin Reaves outlines principles for crafting and communicating powerful biblical sermons.

Watch the video


effective sermon delivery

Effective Sermon Delivery – Derek Morris provides effective tips for how to enhance your sermon for you and your listeners.

Watch the video.


hyveth williams - preaching fundamentals

Preaching Fundamentals – Hyveth Williams talks about the fundamentals and principles of good preaching.

Watch the video.


R.Roberts writing your sermon

Writing Your Sermon – Randy Roberts gives practical tips on the process of writing for the ear, creating a manuscript, then an outline, and finally being able to deliver a sermon.

Watch the video.


Randy Roberts praparing your preaching

Planning your Preaching – Randy Roberts talks about how to plan and be intentional about your preaching. 

Watch the video.


Rand Roberts - planning your preaching.
Preparing your Sermon – Randy Roberts gives advice on preparing your sermon.

Watch a video.


impactful preaching henry wright

Impactful Preaching – Henry Wright gives practical tips on how to develop preaching that will have a maximum impact on people.

Watch the video.

oleg kostyuksergio gonzalez
Growing a Young Adult Interactive Bible Study – Oleg Kostyuk and Sergio Gonzalez outline ways to engage young adults in a vibrant Bible study.

Watch the video.

{slider-child title=”EPC 2018 Resources” class=”icon”}

Creative Ideas for Communion Services – Rosemary Lethbridge

Daniel for Everyone – Ivan Milanov

Forget Church, Follow Jesus – Adrian Peck

How to Preach Daniel’s 70 Weeks to Jews? – Richard Elofer

Leading Through Preaching: The Art of Preaching as Leadership Communication in a Local Church Setting – Mateusz Krzesinski

The Science of Sermon – Mervi Kalmus


{slider 7 Effective Administrator }

As administrators we will manage both our own and our congregation’s resources effectively by building a team and sharing responsibilities appropriately. This will help prepare ourselves and our church to make the best use of opportunities and to avoid crises that would hinder our mission (Matt 24:45-46).


{slider-child title=”Books” class=”icon”}

Seventh-day Adventist Minister’s Handbook
SDA Church Manual
Success Secrets for Pastors – this book contains concrete, workable ideas for the busy church leader. Based on the expressed concerns of Adventist congregations, this book deals point by point with issues such as church budgets, nominating committee, second marriage, periodical campaigns, and a host of other things that all congregations face.

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{slider-child title=”Videos” class=”icon”}

Video resources



Carlton Byrd - Creating a culture of evangelism in church (Part 3)Creating a Culture of Evangelism in Church (Part 3) – Carlton Byrd does a breakdown of the types of activities to plan in the weeks prior to the start of public evangelistic meetings.

Watch the video


Carlton Byrd - creating a culture of evangelism in church 2

Creating a Culture of Evangelism in Church (Part 3) – Carlton Byrd does a breakdown of the types of activities to plan in the weeks prior to the start of public evangelistic meetings.Creating a Culture of Evangelism in Church (Part 2) – Carlton Byrd explores how to create momentum for evangelism through preaching, building bridges, and demographics.

Watch the video.


Carlton Byrd - Creating a culture of evangelism in church

Creating a Culture of Evangelism in Church (Part 1) – Carlton Byrd outlines the process of motivating a church to make evangelism the primary focus of the congregation.

Watch the video.


Lilya Wagner

Effective Fundraising – Lilya Wagner explains the basics of fundraising and how to maximise your request for funding.

Watch the video


Lowell Cooper - leader's code of conduct

Leader’s Code of Conduct – Lowell Cooper challenges leaders to establish a code of conduct that models integrity and ethical behaviour.

Watch the video.

spiritual leadership ivan williams 155

Spiritual Leadership – Ivan Williams uses biblical examples to illustrate important characteristics of successful spiritual leaders.

Watch the video.


Lowell Cooper - effective committees and church boards, part 2

Making Committees and Church Boards More Effective (Part 2) – Lowell Cooper continues to address how to foster trust and make boards a safe place.

Watch the video


Lowell Cooper effective committees and church boards

Making Committees and Church Boards More Effective (Part 1) – Lowell Cooper explores the benefits of committee processes in the church and some of the principles involved in making them work well.

Watch the video.

chad stuart developing a culture of generosity

Developing a Culture of Generosity – Chad Stuart talks about how to develop a culture of generosity in your church.

Watch the video.


Jan Paulsen The Priorities of a Local ChurchThe Priorities of a Local Church – Jan Paulsen provides fundamental priorities that should be part of every local church.

Watch the video.


{slider-child title=”EPC 2018 Resources” class=”icon”}

Budget Management in Local Churches – Mack Tennyson

Criteria for a Healthy Church – Reinder Bruinsma

Diagnosing and Addressing the Emotional State of Your Congregation – Victor Marshall

How to Work 40 Hours in 16.7 – Istrahel Schorea

Ministry of Compassion: The Church as a Blessing for the Community – João Martins

Pastor’s Wallet – Equipping Pastors to Master their Personal Finances – Istrahel Schorea

The Church as a Positive Influence in Society – João Martins

Working with Church Treasurers – Mack Tennyson





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