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wonderful world placemat Noah's ark placemat He is Alive thumb Heaven thumb Be Kind placemat Be Generous placematBe Thankful placemat Lost and Found placemat Christmas story placematFeeding 5000 placemat Be Brave placemat  


Filled Up Placemats!


Feed your family spiritually during dinner! Print off these free placemats packed with different ideas and activities to stimulate spiritual conversations and family worship.

Just download a design, print it out, enlarge it if you like, and then laminate the placemat to make it more durable.

Make a set for yourself, print off extra sets for gifts, or encourage your church to make a set for every family. The designs can even be printed in the centre pages of your Union magazines so that families can pull them out and use them.

We’ll be adding more designs regularly, so come back and check for more. Please contact Karen Holford if you have suggestions for future topics and activities, or if you have any feedback.

 If you wish to translate the words into your own language, contact Heidi (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) and she will help you to access the designer files.


A boy reading the BibleMemory Verses - Learning for Life!

Helping your children to learn scripture verses plants the seeds of God’s Word into their minds forever.

Click here to download the document.



Family Worship 125x35 Simple Successful Worships for Busy Families (pdf)

FAMILY WORHSHIP 125x3552 family worship ideas

call a sabbath a delight3Making Sabbath a Delight

Video Resources


Karen Holord Saying thank you to GodSaying Thank you to God by Karen Holford

 A beautifully written and illustrated story on stewardship that will delight young children. It includes practical activities and suggestions that encourage children to want to say thank you to God. It is aimed for children aged 3 to 7. The book is available for purchase from the LifeSource Christian Bookshop.

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Karen Holford Looking after Gods worldLooking after God's World by Karen Holford

What would it feel like to be God and make a whole wonderful world? What would it feel like if your beautiful world was ruined?
Tim and Susie wonder about these big questions while they build sandcastles on the beach. Join in their adventures when disaster strikes and they learn how to look after God’s wonderful world. The book is available for purchase from the LifeSource Christian Bookshop.

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Spiritual Pathways for Families and Children


sabu discipleship toddlers a5 webTaking faith home

Maybe you feel you should have read all the books explaining how a child's faith is formed in interaction with its parents? The Nordic Adventist Children's Ministries leaders have done the job for you. In 6 brief leaflets they have summarised what you can do and offer you the resources to succeed. To access the leaflets, please click here.