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Inspirational verses

Bible texts Never too old letting god lead bible verses Bible texts serving   thankfulnessbible verses restBible verses Gracebible text blessingsJOY  DO NOT FEAR 


 Featured Articles

How to take a spiritual retreat without leaving your front door. Click on the links below to download the material:


Bible Study lessons and colouring pages



Girls for Christ mentoring programme

girls for christ club 
Girls for Christ manual based on Titus 2:3-5 
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Creative Bible Study
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Women in the Bible and Me - Study lessons and colouring book

  Women in the Bible and Me women in the bible and me

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Journaling Book

WM Monthly Bible Study 2018 01 JanuaryWM Monthly Bible Study 2018 02 FebruaryWM Monthly Bible Study 2018 03 March


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 WM newsletter  December 2020


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enditnow® Emphasis Day, August 22, 2020 - please click on the links below to download the resources: