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Parenting our children with love and inspiration is one of the best ways to pass on our faith to the next generation.

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Supporting and reassuring children around the world

A short book to support and reassure our children, under the age of 7, regarding the COVID-19. This book is an invitation for families to discuss the full range of emotions arising from the current situation.

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75 simple waybruno nascimento unsplash s to share joy with your child during the lockdown

Being at home with your child gives you a great opportunity to show them love and have fun together. Here are some creative and simple ways to give you some special moments together when you have limited time and resources. 

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More resources for activities and study lessons can be found on the TED Children's Ministries page.




To purchase the full video, please visit IngiterMedia website.

The still face experiment


Why the way we respond to our small children is so important:



Parenting book

52 ways to parent happy children holford i cover52 ways to parent happy children by Karen Holford 
This book has been written to help parents nurture happy and positive children. It has been written in short chapters, with many lists of simple and practical ideas. At the end of the book is a list of 75 quick ways to increase your child’s joy. You can read them here.


Parenting seminars

Parenting seminars are a simple and effective way to encourage and inform the parents in your churches. They are also effective and simple ways to reach out to the families in your community.


North American Division Parenting Seminars

Help Im a Parent


The Help! I'm a Parent series will inspire and encourage parents, grandparents, and caregivers on your yourney as disciple-makers of your children.




For more information, please visit Help! I'm a Parent Christian Parenting in the Real World website


Care for the Family UK Parenting Seminars


Care for familyThese seminars have been created by Christians to help churches reach out to parents in their community. They have fun, simple-to-use videos, which can be used in your own home or in a larger context. The videos are a great resource to provide plenty of opportunities for discussion and help parents to build friendships and networks.



Parentalk The Primary Years Parent Handbook cover 211x300Parentalk - The Primary YearsParentalk The Teenage Years Parent Handbook cover 211x300Parentalk - The Teenage Years 

 Click on the pictures above to see more, or visit Care for the Family website for more information. 


Helping children to flourish and helping children with their troubling behaviours




Hands on Scotland is a useful website for parents and family ministries leaders. One section of the website focuses on helping children with their troubling behaviours, such as eating disorders, bullying, self-harm, etc., and one section focuses on helping children to flourish, by building their character, confidence, emotional balance, gratitude, etc.

Some of the activities on the website were written by Karen Holford, TED Family Ministries Director.


Parenting teenagers

Understanding the teenage brain.

Parenting teenagers can be challenging because their brain is developing and going through some significant changes. When we understand what these changes are, we are better able to help and support our teenagers through these potentially turbulent years.

Here is a link to some recent research about teenage brains and how parents and adults can be supportive:


Parent/teenager conflict


Scottish centre for conflict resolution


Conflict between parents and teenagers is one of the highest causes of homelessness in young people.


This website, developed by the Scottish Cyrenians, contains ideas and resources to help you understand and reduce the conflict between you and a teenager, or any other person. It contains quizzes, research, videos and useful information.