2018 Family Ministries Planbook:  Reaching Families for Jesus; Discipleship and Service


Download the Planbook material:

FM Planbook2018mu


- English version, ready for print

- Editable version for translation 

- Planbook resources: Seminar Presentations, Handouts and Surveys 



2017 Family Ministries Planbook:  Reaching Families for Jesus; Growing Disciples 

Download the Planbook material:

Reaching families for Jesus Growing Disciples
English Version, Print Ready (4 Mb)

Online resources: Seminars Presentations, Handouts and Surveys (10 Mb)





2016 Family Ministries Planbook:  Reach the World, Healthy Families for Eternity 

Download the Planbook:

FM Planbook 2016  

Planbook in English.



2015 Family Ministries Planbook:  Revival and Reformation, Building Family Memories

 Download the Planbook:

FM Planbook 2015

Planbook in English.


 Download the Planbook resource material:


- Children stories

- Seminars

- Sermons