Health Ministries

The mission of the Health Ministries department is to lead, equip and support Seventh-day Adventists in the Trans-European Division, as they engage in the restoration of life as God created it to be, through a compassionate service of comforting, relieving suffering, bringing healing, preventing illness, and enhancing life whenever possible to whoever needs it.

Our principles
Health Ministries is to be guided by evidence-based research and practices, and the revelation of God’s design for human life as expressed in the Bible and amplified in the writings of Ellen G. White. Through this we strive for sound and balanced approaches to enhance life in all its dimensions; the physical, mental, social and spiritual.

Our focus
The main emphasis of the Health Ministries department in 2015-2020 will be on the following:
• Support and enhance the health of the workers and their families
• Develop Comprehensive Health Ministries in the churches
• Engage and connect health professionals for health ministry
• Equip members, workers and entities to better understand, support and help people with mental health and addictions issues

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