Leadership Development is a service of the Division office to its unions, conferences and fields. It provides regional and local seminars, counsel, training opportunities, resources and evaluation tools.


Secretariat is responsible for helping forward the work of the church in accordance with the plans and policies agreed upon by the Division Executive Committee. They liaise with the 11 Unions and 3 attached fields to help with the application of policy; gather statistical information, and deal with missionaries serving in other parts of the world and within the TED territories.


Treasury is committed to promoting the highest levels of accountability and transparency, playing an essential role in successfully fulfilling its mission as it puts the organisation’s resources to best use.


ADRA is an international humanitarian aid agency and the official charity of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. The global ADRA network has a presence in more than 120 countries.

Adventist Mission

The Seventh-day Adventist Church finds its strength in mission.

Adventist Possibility Ministries

Adventist Possibility Ministries (APM) aims to help our churches become communities that value and fully include people with special needs. It Includes seven broad ministry categories: The Deaf, the blind, the physically challenged, the emotionally and mentally challenged, orphans and vulnerable children, the widowed, and caregivers. APM seeks to provide support and resources for churches, so that everyone’s gifts and talents can be used in fulfilling God’s mission.

Adventist Volunteer Services

The Adventist Volunteer Service (AVS) plan for the worldwide church is designed to provide service opportunities for Seventh-day Adventists who want to share in the joy of taking the gospel to the world,matching their talents, gifts, resources and professional expertise with defined needs.

Bible Correspondence Schools

The purpose of the Bible Correspondence Schools is to facilitate the reading and study of the Bible with the general public.

Chaplaincy Ministries

The purpose of this department is to coordinate, provide support and development to the unions and fields in promoting ministries that foster Bible-based values and genuine pastoral care.  

Children's Ministries

Children’s Ministries looks at the whole child and seeks to provide multiple ministries that will lead children to Jesus and disciple them in their daily walk with Him.


Seventh-day Adventists communicate hope by focusing on the quality of life that is complete in Jesus Christ.

Discipleship Coaching

The VISION for the Discipleship Coach is that they will assist the Trans-European Division and specific geographical areas within the TED to fulfil the Mission of the Church in providing training of ministers and lay leaders and resources on request and in cooperation with the TED and Union leadership to bring the Gospel of Jesus Christ to unreached communities/people groups.


The purpose of this department is to coordinate educational policies, provide support and development to the unions and fields concerning the needs of Adventist schools, colleges and universities in preparing people for useful and joy-filled lives, fostering friendship with God, whole-person development, Bible-based values and selfless service in accordance with the church’s mission to the world.

Family Ministries

The family ministries department of the Trans-European Division is committed to growing healthy relationships in families, churches and communities.

Global Mission

Global Mission is a special initiative, voted at the 1990 General Conference session, to establish new Adventist churches where there are none to reach the unreached with hope.

Health Ministries

The mission of the Health Ministries department is to lead, equip and support Seventh-day Adventists in the Trans-European Division, as they engage in the restoration of life as God created it to be, through a compassionate service of comforting, relieving suffering, bringing healing, preventing illness, and enhancing life whenever possible to whoever needs it.

Ministerial Association

The purpose of this department is to co-ordinate and support the Unions and fields in operating union ministerial associations that provide personal support, adequate resources, training and continuing education for the pastors for their spiritual and professional development; and helping unions and fields with training and motivation of local church elders.

Ministry to Clergy Families

This department exists to nurture, support and network clergy families. A quarterly magazine, "The Shepherdess", is distributed to ministry and clergy spouses.

Personal Ministries

The Personal Ministries Department exists to help all to cheerfully share their experience of living with the Lord, by teaching how to give Bible studies, speak about Jesus, answer questions, and make the whole life a witness to the joy of Jesus.

Prayer Ministries

The purpose of Prayer Ministries is to teach and encourage the development of a Christ-like character through the practice of the spiritual disciplines that promote spiritual growth.

Public Affairs & Religious Liberty

The PARL Department focuses primarily on ensuring the God-given universal human right of religious freedom becomes a universal reality.

Public Campus Ministries

Public Campus Ministries' mission is to inspire Seventh-day Adventist students to be disciples of Jesus and empower them to share the everlasting gospel on campus.

Publishing Ministries

The Publishing Ministry of the Seventh-day Adventist Church exists to share the gospel of hope to the whole world through publications - in all its forms.

Stewardship Ministries

Stewardship is the lifestyle of one who accepts Christ's Lordship–walking in partnership with God and acting as God's agent to manage His affairs on earth.

Sabbath School

The aim of the Sabbath School Department is to facilitate spiritual growth through systematic Bible study, meaningful fellowship, gift-based community outreach, and altruistic mission emphasis. 

Women's Ministries

Women's Ministries is committed to encouraging, challenging, equipping, and nurturing Seventh-day Adventist women as they do their part in carrying the Gospel message to the world.

Youth Ministries

Our Mission: To lead young people into a saving relationship with Jesus Christ and help them embrace His call to discipleship.

Our Motto: The love of Christ compels us.

Our Aim: The Advent Message to all the world in my generation.

Our Theme: The Power of One