Seventh-day Adventists communicate hope by focusing on the quality of life that is complete in Jesus Christ.

The Communication Department coordinates PR, Media, News, Crisis Management and Communication training across the TED.
It provides regular news releases on the website and via tedNEWS – a regular email newsletter [subscribe here].
The department is responsible for all official communication and public news releases for the Trans-European Division. It also provides resources and training for local churches and for leaders in the Conferences and Missions. It aims to promote good internal and external communication.

TED Comms news 2016Strategic plan 2015-2020
The main emphasis of the Communication department strategic plan, 2015-2020 is to:

• Enhance news output under the theme: connect/inspire/change
• Provide training and networking opportunities
• Provide strong support to Departments, Unions & attached fields
• Develop the positive use of the website and social media both at TED level and in the various countries that make up the TED
• Develop Mission Focused Resources

Strategic plan report summary for Year-end Meetings 2016

Media Enquiries
For all media enquiries regarding the Seventh-day Adventist church please phone +44 (0)1727 732500 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

The Communication department has an array of resources available to assist local churches, Conferences and Unions communicate their message more effectively. The department can also provide training on request. Please explore our resources page to find out more.

reformation journey keep asking the questions351x197Visit our Reformation Journey page for a series of short social media videos that, in an engaging style, cover some of the main themes of the Reformation, making them relevant to a 21st century audience.

'Fathers' is a warm-hearted documentary involving an international team with contributions ranging from Cuba to Australia. Six fathers participated in the documentary showing how different and yet how similar fathers are all over the world. The caring attitude of fathers towards their children, as portrayed in the film, can help to encourage a positive view of the role of fathers in the lives of their children, no matter which culture they belong to.

Watch 'Fathers' here:

Poster movie Fathers General thumb



Victor Hulbert l2Director - Victor Hulbert  d.stojkovicPA - Deana Stojković


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