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As most countries are coming out of their lockdowns, and life is getting back to a new “normal”, we are trying to make our page a little more accessible.

On our main page, you will see resources that are still available and can be used at all times. We will still keep a lot of what the different unions sent to us on a separate page so you can still access some of the amazing ideas which came from our creative directors.

If you would like to share some more ideas you have found, please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Blessings to each and everyone of you visiting this page as you work with and for children.



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General Conference Children's Ministries 25th Anniversary Celebration – Kids' Tallent for Jesus

Kids talents 2020

General Conference Children’s Ministries is celebrating 25 years of ministry to children and adolescents! To commemorate this event, we are calling all children and teens to show us your talents and gifts in our Kids Talents for Jesus. The theme is, Jesus is My Best Friend. We would love to see all children and teens send in your best piece of art, or poetry, or media production.

All winning entries will be featured in the General Conference Children’s Ministries 25th Anniversary Kids Talents for Jesus publication.

For more information and the guidelines for the submission, please click here

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Children's Ministries News – July 2020

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Study lessons

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Karen Holord Saying thank you to GodSaying Thank you to God by Karen Holford

 A beautifully written and illustrated story on stewardship that will delight young children. It includes practical activities and suggestions that encourage children to want to say thank you to God. It is aimed for children aged 3 to 7. The book is available for purchase from the LifeSource Christian Bookshop.

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Karen Holford Looking after Gods world
Looking after God's World by Karen Holford

What would it feel like to be God and make a whole wonderful world? What would it feel like if your beautiful world was ruined?
Tim and Susie wonder about these big questions while they build sandcastles on the beach. Join in their adventures when disaster strikes and they learn how to look after God’s wonderful world. The book is available for purchase from the LifeSource Christian Bookshop.

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Video Resources

calm in the storm

King's Kid - Video series for Sabbath School by South Pacific Division Discipleship Department

In the middle of this pandemic it is good to know that, with Jesus, we can be 'Calm in the storm'.
Join Arnie and his friends for Sabbath School tomorrow, get involved in Discovery Bible Reading and learn how to stay healthy as we fight this virus. 

Watch the video.

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