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Mission Projects

Artboard 1Applying For Funding of Your Mission Project

If you want to apply for funding of your mission project from the Trans-European Division…

First, you need to write a business or funding project proposal. If you have never done it before, have a look on the Internet, there are plenty of examples of what a good project proposal looks like. As a minimum, your project should contain answers to these questions:

1) How is it in line with the strategic priority of your organisation? (Why do you want to do this?)
2) Is it connected with Creative & Innovative Outreach Fund (CIOF) Urban Evangelism (Mission to the Cities) or Total Member Involvement or generally in Mission/Evangelism? (Who is your target group?)
3) State your overall objectives. (What do you aim to accomplish?)
4) Give an outline of how are you going to be running your effort? (How?)
5) What is going to be the impact and the follow up? Is it a one-off splash for 2023? How is it going to be evaluated? How do you know that you have been successful? (We want to see a process rather than an event).


Does anyone beside you, your entity see light in it? In other words, is any local church/conference/Union contributing to this?
If it is a conference/Union-wide project, is that entity contributing to this project?

We do not need a perfect project, but you need to spend more than 20 minutes working on it…:-)

Once you have completed your application form you must submit it to your Union Youth/Pathfinder Director to approve and sent to us. We will NOT accept applications from individuals.

Artboard 1Evaluation of Your Project

We do not have a specific form for the projects to be filled, as each project is different. It is much simpler than a book report or a thesis, so every secondary school graduate can manage to do it. You just need to spend more than 20 minutes on this!
Look at/Start with your project proposal and cover in your report the following:

Did each entity put its part of financial contribution into the project? If not, why not?
Did you stay within the budget? If not, why not?
If you have any surplus left, for which project/purpose are you going to use it?
Remember, you will need our approval for that!

We may ask for money to be sent back [or GC can ask for it, if they contributed] or we approve what you will use it for; but it will need our [or GC] approval, if the money goes into some other project.

Did all entities (churches, conference, Union) participate as planned? (If not, why not? We need to know it.)
What did you do? What happened? Give us a short summary (not more than half a page).
Was there a [significant] difference in running the project between various local churches?
How did the project go?
What went well?
What did not go well and why?
What lessons have you learnt from things that did not go well?
If you had to repeat this again, what would you do differently?

How was the follow-up conducted?
How was the evaluation conducted?
Was it a one-off splash and not much more done afterwards?
What can be done to strengthen the programme so that it becomes a process rather than an event?

What are the overall lessons learnt?
The problem is not that you had some problems running it (you will!). The problem is if you have not learnt any lessons from it.
How is your entity (church/conference/Union) better equipped to run similar programs in the future because of what you did and have learnt from this endeavour?

The whole report does not need to be more than 2 A4 pages…
We want to see the big picture.
Give us the bullet points.
No Bible texts and EGW quotes needed! 🙂

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