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The surprise invitation to sing for Royalty

25 May 2018 | Windsor, UK [Richard Daly/Sam Davies/tedNEWS]For Paul Lee, assistant to the president for the South England Conference of Seventh-day Adventists, the invitation to sing at a royal wedding was a surprise out of the blue.

Multiple launch for Hope Channel Sweden

23 May 2018 | Stockholm, Sweden [Rainer Refsbäck] On February 10, 2018, Seventh-day Adventist churches in Sweden celebrated the official premiere of Hope Channel Sweden. Rather than having a grand opening ceremony at some fancy media centre, the celebration was held across all the local congregations.

Lost but Now Found

22 May 2018 | Borca, Serbia [Kimi-Roux James, as told to Igor Mitrovic] Two years. That’s the time it took for Massih Nazari, 18, to reach Serbia, after fleeing his hometown in Kabul, Afghanistan.

Children using social media for ‘Holy Cakes’

21 May 2018 | Limassol, Cyprus [Marica Mirilov] A small kitchen turned into a video recording studio at the Meeting Point, a Seventh-day Adventist church community centre in Limassol, Cyprus on 13 May 2018. The very first children's step-by-step recipe instruction video was recorded for a new YouTube channel ‘Holy Cakes’.

One step closer to opening Hope Channel Iceland

17 May 2018 | Reykjavik, Iceland [David Mano] Fifteen Icelandic volunteers completed a full weekend of media training, 11-13 May 2018. The idea was simple, to inspire the very talented Icelandic media volunteers with creative ideas, and to provide them with knowledge, both technical and practical, on how to create content to be used on video websites and in social media.

Bible Correspondence School Coordinators heighten cooperation for mission during World Advisory

17 May 2018 | Jerusalem, Israel [Kurt Johnson / Victor Hulbert] In a digital age how do you best reach people through a study of the Bible? Is it through social media, mobile-friendly websites, paper Bible courses, apps, or a combination of all? That was a question for representatives from every World Division, Adventist World Radio (AWR), Hope Channel, Adventist Mission, GC Communications and the Office of Global Internet. They met together in Jerusalem, 22-29 April 2018, to discuss the most effective ways to encourage Bible study among over seven billion people globally.