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​Missionary Wonders Why He Was Sent Home

16 January 2019 | Piikkiö, Finland [Andrew McChesney] Leif Hongisto couldn’t understand why he was heading home to Finland after serving for nine years as the president of Middle East University in Beirut, Lebanon.

Polish Church issues statement on murder of Gdańsk mayor, Mr Paweł Adamowicz

15 January 2019 | Warsaw, Poland [Marek Rakowski] Following the Sunday evening stabbing and subsequent death of Gdańsk mayor, Mr Paweł Adamowicz at the climax of a charity concert, the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Poland has issued the following statement:

A Shirt to Talk About

10 January 2019 | Oslo, Norway [Andrew McChesney] Glenn Lie slipped on his favourite green polo shirt and boarded a subway train in Oslo, Norway. The 55-year-old teacher hoped that people would stare at him. He didn’t have to wait long.

Adventist Family Ministries Celebrates 100 Years with live:kind

9 January 2019 | St Albans, UK [TED Communications] 2019 marks the centenary of Seventh-day Adventist Family Ministries.  How to celebrate?  Inspiration came to TED family ministries director, Karen Holford, when she read a report of a small church in Congresbury, England who decided to mark their 800th anniversary with 800 acts of kindness.

For my friends, prayer is just one ‘like’ away

4 January 2019 | Tallinn, Estonia [Mervi Kalmus]   Mervi Kalmus, a pastor in Estonia, opens her heart and steps out of her comfort zone, to make a difference in the lives of her friends.I am a very private person. I am certainly not one of those people who would constantly post ’Jesus Loves You’ memes or gospel songs on Facebook. Shouting out loud about my beliefs or life circumstances is really not my cup of tea. On the other hand, I am a devoted follower of Jesus and thus, under the jurisdiction of His Great Commission. This inevitably leads to moments when these two aspects of my life clash.

New Pan-Serbian Choir ‘links’ youth and community

3 January 2019 | Belgrade, Serbia [Aleksandra Jovanovic] It might seem impossible.  A group of young people brought together just a year ago from across Serbia with one aim, to form the LINK youth choir.  Yet their sincere enthusiasm and deep motivation is infectious, and despite obstacles of distance, age and temperament, the LINK choir is garnering success.