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Journey to wellbeing

The journey to wellbeing continues

18 February 2021 | St Albans, UK [Paul Lockham]  This week the Trans-European Division staff were again joined by colleagues from the unions and fields across its territory as well as the Inter-European Division counterparts for more Devotional Webinars. Following the feedback from the January series of webinars, four more aspects of wellbeing have been considered.

PowerUp poster

PowerUP – Inspire, Equip, Change

17 February 2021 | St Albans, UK [Paul Lockham]   If you are a local church leader, a youth leader, or someone who is interested in helping others on their faith journey, PowerUp, one of the Division’s best kept 'secrets' that recently surfaced in a committee discussion, is something you will want to get involved with.

Covid-19 and the wilding of the church - Newbold Diversity lecture poster

Covid-19 and ‘the wilding of the church’ – what sort of leaders do we need?

11 February 2021 | Binfield, UK [Helen Pearson]  ‘Re-imagining’ was a key word in Newbold’s first Diversity Lecture of 2021 on Tuesday, 9 February. After environmental disasters, God works in nature giving it an infinite capacity to bounce back. Similarly, God can work through leaders who model and encourage a re-imagining of the church in the wake of the pandemic.

Caring and sharing - card making

A Week of Caring and Sharing

9 April 2021 | St Albans, UK [TED Women's Ministries]  The Trans-European Division Women’s Ministries department does not let the pandemic stop them sharing the love of Jesus and organises a week of caring and sharing from 21-27 March.

Dr Karauda received the award

Adventist doctor honoured by the Polish Minister of Health

4 February 2021 | Łódź, Poland [Daniel Kluska] On Tuesday 2 February, during the meeting of the Regional Medical Chamber in Łódź, Poland the award 'For contributions to health protection' was officially presented to, among others, an Adventist doctor Tomasz Karauda.


Access to quality education is still just a dream for too many children

25 January 2021 | Brussels, Belgium [ADRA Europe]  At ADRA (Adventist Relief Agency), we refuse to accept the prediction that 24 million more children and young people are at risk of dropping-out of school due to disruptions caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. Even before the pandemic, there were 258 million school age learners without access to education.


A Week of Wellness at the TED

22 January 2021 | St Albans, UK [Paul Lockham]   This week’s innovative Trans-European Division (TED) “Devotional Webinars” focus on aspects of Wellbeing. Around 90 attendees, not only staff from the TED office but also the field leaders and directors from across the Division as well as some counterparts from the Inter-European Division, joined each morning on zoom.

GC Session 2015

Leaders Vote to Postpone General Conference Session 2020 for a Second Time

Due to COVID-19, World Church quinquennial event now scheduled for 6-11 June 2022.