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Women discover ‘My worth in God’s eyes’

18 March 2019 | Belgrade, Serbia [Marija Trajkovska]What is my worth in God’s eyes? That is the serious question addressed by Raquel Arrais during a Women’s Ministries weekend in Belgrade, Serbia.

Firing Adventist teacher over Sabbath observance issue deemed illegal in Denmark

13 March 2019 | Copenhagen, Denmark [tedNEWS with Lasse Bech]   An Adventist High School teacher, who was fired for refusal to attend an ‘open house’ event on a Saturday, has had his claim upheld by the Danish Equal Treatment Board.

Networking project, ‘Fathers’ acclaimed during GAiN release

11 March 2019 | Amman, Jordan [TED/EUD news]  Communication leaders of the two European Divisions were presented with a special award recognising the way they have encouraged networking and cooperation between different media entities at the world GAiN Conference. 

Saving Planet Earth – Can we? Should we?

11 March 2019 | Bracknell, United Kingdom [Helen Pearson]  There is one issue that affects everyone on the planet, whether or not we want to recognise it. Our attitude to general environmental breakdown and the multiple ecological crises which is affecting us all was the subject of the March Diversity Lecture at Newbold College of Higher Education.

Breaking the Trend

11 March 2019 | London, United Kingdom [Onysha D Collins]   On 23 February 2019 in London, the South England Conference (SEC) hosted their second ‘Breaking the Trend’ event; a day of celebration and fellowship. The programme was designed to incite newness and oneness and to provide remedial solutions around issues of isolation, exclusion, and shame.


28 February 2019 | Stockholm, Sweden [Siri Bjerkan Karlsson] "Siri, you should be working in development." It was my uncle speaking. Odd Jordal started ADRA in Scandinavia and I was working as his secretary for one year, taking an extended gap between finishing school and starting university. I had just returned from two years working as a volunteer in Ghana, West Africa. I was 22 years old, about to get married and not very sure about the future.