Our Team

Since January 2024, Vanesa Pizzuto has been filling in for the Youth Ministries, until a new Director is appointed.

Personal Assistant, Trans-European Division

Judy Plaatjes-McKie joined the Trans-European Division team part-time in May 2010 to cover a maternity leave and do the administration for Adventist Volunteer Service (AVS). In January 2011 she became full time, working with Paul Tompkins in the Youth Department and with Janos Kovacs-Biro in Personal Ministries, Ministerial, Lay Preaching, Church Planting & Small Groups. Since 2015 she has worked solely for AVS & Youth Ministries and has served with Zlatko, Peter-Bo, Alastair & Tihi, Dejan and is currently waiting for a new director to be appointed.

She is happily married to Carlton and enjoys travelling, crafting, serving God, interaction with people, researching her family genealogy and new adventures. She believes with God’s help she can do anything she sets her mind to and enjoys nothing more than a new challenge.