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60 seconds inspirations

Someone has made the observation that during our theological training, we pastors spend most of our time reading and being inspired, yet when we get out into ministry we stop reading and our inspiration begins to wane.

During my theological training, I remember reading John Stott’s ‘I believe in preaching.’ One of the things I remember from the book was his suggestion for a minimum reading schedule: one hour every day, one four-hour session every week, one full day every month, and one week every year. This works out at about 600 hours of reading per year.

These ’60 seconds inspirations’ videos are dedicated to prompt us as pastors to keep ourselves inspired through a constant diet of good reading. I have aspired to follow Stott’s schedule during my pastoral ministry (albeit with varying levels of success) and I would encourage you to the same.

As Stott himself states, “The aim in all this reading should not so much be to gather knowledge as to develop our Christian mind.” An inspired Christian mind will be noticeable in the way we lead our congregations, by the way we minster to individuals and by how we preach God’s word. You owe it to yourself. Stay inspired. 

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