Empowering Leader


Building Trust as a Leader 

 Lowell Cooper explains the importance of trust and credibility in every leader.

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Listening to Young People

Jan Paulsen shares lessons of wisdom that can be gained from engaging in dialogue with and giving more leadership responsibility to young people.

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Emotional Intelligence 

Delbert Baker explores the impact of emotional intelligence on leadership and how to harness its power for good.
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Training Church Leaders 

Jonas Arrais and Jimmy Cardoso explain the vital importance of pastors prioritising time for training church leaders.

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Leading with Vision

 Eli Rojas shares how to discover and develop a clear vision for leading a local congregation. 

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Visionary Leadership

Erton Kohler shares his way of gaining and casting a vision that can motivate people and overcome resistance.

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Intentional Leadership Development 

Raafat Kamal explains some of the thinking necessary to develop leaders that are united on the mission of the Church.

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Engaging Local Elders in Ministry 

Pastor Anthony Medley together with some of his local church leaders reveal their approach to a shared leadership model and how this functions at their church. 

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