Ministeral - Trans-European Division


Ministry is first of all being and secondly doing. The temptation is to be engaged in more activity for God than our being with God can sustain. Jesus constantly had to remind his disciples that their joy was to come from their relationship with him, not their achievements for him (Luke 10:20). Likewise, as pastors, we must remember that who we are is more important than what we do, because the love of Jesus in us is the greatest gift we have to give to others. The following list of 7 competencies should be viewed in the same way. Numbers 2 – 7 flow from the quality of Number 1.

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Christ-like Follower

We choose to yield our lives to follow our Lord.....

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Life-long Learner

Our goal is to develop a growth mind-set .....

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Empowering Leader

As leaders our aim is to multiply our effectiveness ...

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Multiplying Disciple-maker

Being inspired by the Great Commission....

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Relational Shepherd

We aim to build and nurture positive relationships...

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Inspiring Communicator

Be able to communicate the gospel to others....

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Effective Administrator

We seek to manage resources effectively....

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