Church of Refuge – resources designed to help your church become a spiritual home for all generations.

Adventist Youth Ministry – General Conference Youth and Pathfinder ministries.

Center for Youth Evangelism – A wide variety of Adventist ministries and resources. 

Youth Ministries North America – Adventist youth ministries in North America.

tedMEDIA Productions – videos, interviews, discussions, music and other resources produced by tedMEDIA. 

Australian Adventist resources – designed to help you to be a disciple-maker.

Involve Youth – Adventist youth resources, ideas, and products that energize youth for service.

Adventist Learning Community – free online training courses & resources for different ministries including youth ministry.

Lead-Out Ministries providing inspirational and educational resources for churches, schools, and communities. 

RPI Institute – SDA organisation that creates educational resources for children and youth in the German language.

Growing Young Adventists a learning journey encouraging leaders, churches, organizations, and groups to love the next generations better.

Public Campus Ministries (PCM)
 – Here you will find resources, events and more information about how you can be intentional in student ministry.

Youthscape – resources designed to help youth and youth workers in dealing with practical life issues.

Youth Specialties – Youth resources, seminars, and products.

Group Youth Ministry – Library of youth resources from Group Publishing.

Pastor 2 Youth – Free youth ministry resources.

Sermon Spice – Videoclips, DVD, and media resources for illustrations.

Barna Group – provides spiritual influencers with credible knowledge and clear thinking based on research about changing culture.



Adventist Youth Leader Magazine – designed to equip and inspired Adventist youth leaders across the world.

Youth Ministry Manuals – Adventist manuals for pathfinder leaders, youth leaders, pastors, and other youth workers.

Guide Magazine – nonfiction stories for teens that illustrate Bible principles and show how following Jesus makes a positive difference in their lives.

Special Bible Editions - Three Bible editions prepared especially for Adventurer, Pathfinders, and Youth with wonderful resources that can enrich your study of the Bible. 

Connect – building a future with God
Magazine that discusses relevant questions about gods that failed us, the God that works and God who provides the future. 

Escape – live with purpose.
Magazine that describes the history and main issues in the battle between good and evil.

Altogether Wonderful: Exploring Intergenerational Worship – This book explores both the “why” and the “how” of intergenerational worship.

My Edge Youth magazine from Australia that has been modified over time to remain edgy and relevant to youth and young adults.

The Biblical Story, a study guide – This study guide has been developed to help the youth to fall in love with the Bible and to read it as one big story of God’s love. 

Dialogue magazine – College and University Dialogue is an international journal of faith, thought, and action that seeks to nurture an intelligent, living faith; deepen the readers’ commitment to Christ, the Bible, and Adventist mission.

8 Questions God Wants to Ask You – A Bible study resource about God’s questions to humanity, that can be used in the context of a week of prayer, in small groups, in spiritual retreats, etc.

The Loving Father – A series of Bible studies lessons intended to facilitate small group studies for the youth and anyone interested in learning more about the stories in Luke 15.

Romans Study guide – Short devotion or commentary on each chapter of the book of Romans written to commemorate the 500th Anniversary of the Reformation.