Church of Refuge – resources designed to help your church become a spiritual home for all generations.

Adventist Youth Ministry – General Conference Youth and Pathfinder ministries.

Center for Youth Evangelism – A wide variety of Adventist ministries and resources. 

Youth Ministries North America – Adventist youth ministries in North America.

tedMEDIA Productions – videos, interviews, discussions, music and other resources produced by tedMEDIA. 

Australian Adventist resources – designed to help you to be a disciple-maker.

Involve Youth – Adventist youth resources, ideas, and products that energize youth for service.

Adventist Learning Community – free online training courses & resources for different ministries including youth ministry.

Lead-Out Ministries providing inspirational and educational resources for churches, schools, and communities. 

RPI Institute – SDA organisation that creates educational resources for children and youth in the German language.

Growing Young Adventists a learning journey encouraging leaders, churches, organizations, and groups to love the next generations better.

Public Campus Ministries (PCM)
 – Here you will find resources, events and more information about how you can be intentional in student ministry.

Youthscape – resources designed to help youth and youth workers in dealing with practical life issues.

Youth Specialties – Youth resources, seminars, and products.

Group Youth Ministry – Library of youth resources from Group Publishing.

Pastor 2 Youth – Free youth ministry resources.

Sermon Spice – Videoclips, DVD, and media resources for illustrations.

Barna Group – provides spiritual influencers with credible knowledge and clear thinking based on research about changing culture.



Adventist Youth Leader Magazine – designed to equip and inspired Adventist youth leaders across the world.

Youth Ministry Manuals – Adventist manuals for pathfinder leaders, youth leaders, pastors, and other youth workers.

Guide Magazine – nonfiction stories for teens that illustrate Bible principles and show how following Jesus makes a positive difference in their lives.

Special Bible Editions - Three Bible editions prepared especially for Adventurer, Pathfinders, and Youth with wonderful resources that can enrich your study of the Bible. 

Connect – building a future with God
Magazine that discusses relevant questions about gods that failed us, the God that works and God who provides the future. 

Escape – live with purpose.
Magazine that describes the history and main issues in the battle between good and evil.