A youth discipleship programme designed to build resilience among teens and young adults by inspiring and equipping them to make good life choices.

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Many teens and youth today are trapped, becoming enslaved by addictions, pre-marital sex and early pregnancy, and dropping out of school. Youth Alive focuses on nurturing relationships that build resilience against these at-risk behaviours. Youth Alive promotes a healthy, purpose-driven life through an evidence-based, positive, peer prevention programme. 

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Fresh Skills for Youth Alive Leaders

k.holford creating caring community

Creating a Caring Community by Karen Holford

Karen explores what helps to make a caring community, and some different ways which leaders can nurture the compassion and support within a group. Discover some of the key ingredients of caring relationships and some practical ways to put them into action.

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D.Duda How to involve church members into missionHow to Involve the Church Members in Mission by Daniel Duda

Exploring together how different evangelistic styles help us find creative ways to involve members and our friends in missionary projects and in building a thriving communty.

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P.Lockham Time and choicesTime and Choices by Paul Lockham

We all have just 24 hours in a day and 7 days in a week, we cannot "make time" or "stretch time" but we can choose how we use the time we have each day. In this short discussion, we will consider what values should help us in our choices.

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T.Bergland on fire or burning outOn Fire or Burning Out? by Dr Torben Bergland

We live in an always-on world and culture. Most of the time we are either producing or consuming something. This puts us at risk of burnout. In this talk, we will discuss what burnout is and what to do about it. 

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H.Jonsson youth and healthYouth and Health by Helgi Jónsson

Why should young people be interested in taking care of their own health or be interested in health at all? When is the best time to make choices that impact our lives forever? Dr Helgi Jónsson talks about what to address with youth and health and how that might be done.

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Z.Musija tips for facilitating a group discussionTips for Facilitating a Group Discussion by Zlatko Musija

Discussion is a powerful tool for learning and growing; a well-facilitated discussion allows the participant to explore new ideas while appreciating the contributions of others. In this workshop, Zlatko Musija will discuss how to create a safe and inclusive environment, and conditions that promote small group interaction and engagement.

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d.reis spiritual topicsIntroducing Spiritual Topics into a Youth Group by Delmar Reis

One of the challenges of working with young adults is to present spiritual themes in a way that is relevant to them. As leaders, we sometimes feel discouraged constantly trying to find new methods of teaching. In this presentation, Delmar Reis invites you to reflect on some principles that can help us discuss and present spiritual topics to youth groups.

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k.holford how teens tick'How Teens Tick' - What's Happening in a Teenager's Brain? by Karen Holford

Massive developmental changes are taking place in teenagers' brains as they rewire for adulthood. This process is so amazing that it can last from the age of about ten until the late twenties. There are some important ways that we can support young people during this stage of development, and we can also be more helpful, understanding and emphatic when we know what is happening inside their head. Discover how to help them build trust, assess risk, and make good choices.

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