iCOR – Church of Refuge – An instrument for value-oriented church growth, with practical resources that empower local churches to become supportive spiritual homes for all generations.

Youth Alive – A youth discipleship programme designed to build resilience among teens and young adults by inspiring and equipping them to make good life choices.

Connect magazine – Magazine that discusses relevant questions about gods that failed us and the God that works.

Escape – live with purpose.
Magazine that describes the history and main issues in the battle between good and evil.

'I am' – video series A journey exploring whether there’s more to life and the difference that Jesus can make in your life.

Reimagining God – In these eleven thought-provoking episodes Ty Gibson paints an astonishingly desirable picture of God that you might just find irresistible.

[truth]LINK – Discover God’s character and beauty in 27 extraordinary Bible Studies.

Reformation Journey – A seven-part social media video series aimed at explaining some of the major themes of the Reformation.

Week of prayer resources – Week of prayer can be of tremendous value in fostering the spiritual life of young people in local churches, schools, and homes.

Decisive Encounters – Roberto Badenas draws us into the story of 8 people who encountered Jesus and were never the same after that.

Romans Study Guide – Short devotion or commentary on each chapter of the book of Romans written to commemorate the 500th Anniversary of the Reformation.

Creative prayer ideas – Creative prayer ideas for young people that can be used in Sabbath School or in youth groups.

inVerse – Bible study guide for university students, young adults, working professions, and young parents.

iBelieve Bible – a web series for youth who want to dig deeper into issues of faith and spirituality.

The Bible Project – Free short-form, fully animated Bible videos and other Bible resources designed to make the biblical story accessible to everyone, everywhere.

What Do You Think? – This series is designed to get you contemplating the answers to some of the big questions life asks.

World Changers Bible Resources – This is a unique set of reading guides combining some of the core truths of the Bible, as well as some practical topics. The reading guides will help YOU become a world-changing disciple of Jesus.

Try Jesus – Brand new revised version of the popular Bible studies; new photographs, illustrations and revised text make this series suitable for youth and all new to the Bible.

Jesus 101 – Here you will find video, audio, podcasts, and written resources to help you meet the real Jesus of the gospel and get excited about Him.

Lineage Journey – A multi-faceted educational tool (short videos) designed to help the youth understand our spiritual heritage and explore the links between the past, present and future.

TELL the WORLD – Based on true events this 6-episode series shares the compelling story of a small group of farmers excited about a startling discovery in the Bible.

Disciples in Action – A 5-part series to help you grow on your discipleship journey. Grow – reflect – reveal! The Character of Christ.

B somebody 2 someone – A step-by-step comprehensive youth mentoring training curriculum for individuals and churches.

Adventist Learning Community – Explore free online training courses & resources for different ministries including youth ministry.

Forgive to Live – Holding onto anger is like swallowing a poison pill and hoping the other person dies.

Gateway to Wholeness – Find freedom through Gateway to Wholeness programme, developed to help people overcome problems associated with pornography use.

STEPS TO discipleship – A 7-week journey of constant seeking, study, and self-discovery that will lead to a closer relationship with God.

The Biblical Story, A Study Guide – This study guide has been developed to help the youth to fall in love with the Bible and to read it as one big story of God’s love.

Sketch and tell – Animations tell stories in an interesting and special way. These animations have a point that will leave you pondering.

Unhooked – Addiction survivors tell their stories, clinical experts explain treatment options, and pastors point to Jesus as the source of strength.

 Ethos – A free series of short films available that are designed to help churches engage with young adults.

8 Questions God Wants to Ask You – A Bible study resource about God’s questions to humanity, that can be used in the context of a week of prayer, in small groups, in spiritual retreats, etc.

The Loving Father – A series of Bible studies lessons intended to facilitate small group studies for the youth and anyone interested in learning more about the stories in Luke 15.

Rival Gods – Long ago a cohort of fallen angels, now demons, launched a diabolically sophisticated assault on God and the human race.

Altogether Wonderful: Exploring Intergenerational Worship – This book explores both the “why” and the “how” of intergenerational worship.

Senior Youth Leader Curriculum and Seminar – A leadership curriculum written in response to the growing need of leaders, the loss of ambassadors and young adults, the wave of technology and the focus on the Local Church.