Want small group discussion starters? Use these prompts to get your group going.

Steve Case draws on his love for Scripture, personal experiences, and training by taking a passage of Scripture and offering questions that draw out the meaning that lead to personal applications of the Bible. 

lets talk about jesusYou won’t find pat answers or cookie-cutter spirituality. Instead, you’ll discover new possibilities to engage with familiar and not-so-familiar portions of God’s Word, interact with God and others, and wrestle with how to live as a follower of Jesus Christ here and now.

Each of the 52 Bible studies starts with an ice-breaker question that “levels the playing field” so everyone in your group has equal access to God and vice versa. Multiple-choice options will stretch you to think in new ways, sometimes bringing a smile to your face or a surprise to your mind and heart. Deeper questions conclude each study and move participants from talk into action.

Small group leaders will appreciate the content and flexibility of these Bible studies. Use this resource to make copies for others in your group or provide this wire-bound book for each person. Tap into the portion that includes keys for leading small groups and prayer possibilities.

If you want to talk about Jesus, here’s a great way to begin the conversation.

About the Author
Steve Case serves as president of Involve Youth in Carmichael, California. He has led small groups of various ages and combinations for years, including a small group he co-leads with his wife, Marit, in their home. He often travels the world to minister wherever and whenever God opens the doors.

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