Interactive Sabbath School lessons developed for teens, made as a cooperative project by the Nordic Unions.

sabbath chatThese relevant, scripture-based studies will challenge teens to think and reflect about what they read in their Bibles.

Content: 12 monthly topics divided into 4 parts. Each part contains a Bible passage about the topic, some open questions about the text and what feelings it might evoke in the teens, and finally, some reflection questions. All questions are designed to encourage teens to think for themselves.

How to use it:
  • The teacher should print out the study so that every student gets a copy each session.
  • Open and read the Bible passage together (preferably in a Bible and not on electronic devices). The goal is to increase Biblical knowledge and confidence in reading the Bible.
  • Everybody should answer the first questions individually - it is good to spend a little time on this.
  • Now take time to discuss either as a group or in pairs. It’s useful to share thoughts and reflections and also to hear what other peers are thinking.
  • Answer the last reflection questions individually.
  • Lastly, share some reflections.

First-year topics: Addiction, Love, Forgiveness, Party, Worship, Believe in Yourself, Sexuality, Mental Health, etc.

Second-year topics: Fight, Trinity, Baptism, Eternal life, Grace, Sabbath, Church, etc.

Third-year topics: Happiness, Anger, Loved, Sadness, Shame, Worthy-less, Lonely, etc.

Fourth-year topics: Believers, Doubters, Disappointed, Good guys, Bad Guys, Unknown, Ironmen, etc.

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