An instrument for value-oriented church growth, with practical resources that empower local churches to become supportive spiritual homes for all generations (with special attention to the youth).

iCORiCOR is intended to help churches recognise their values and live them out together across all generations in everyday church life, because this will strengthen their vitality and make them relevant for their communities.

Church means a lot of things, but above all, it means you and your “brother” or “sister” in faith, and ultimately, it means us, a community of those for whom Jesus is Saviour, Lord and Friend. Church is how and what we live together in faith. Church can be compared to a living organism, the body of Christ, a community of practical partnership and solidarity, a place of refuge and a family where you can feel and make yourself at home.

The question now is, how do we want to live out and shape the church of Christ? What is most important in the process? What purpose does Jesus have in mind for us as His Church? That is exactly what we want to reflect on and act upon through iCOR.

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Living our Values in Lockdown

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As you know, intergenerational Church of Refuge initiative invites the church to be God's city of refuge, a loving and compassionate family of God that strengthens its members and helps them bring life and hope to the suffering world. Instead of becoming more alienated from each other during the lockdown, this time of crisis is an opportunity to strengthen our relationships with God and with each other. This booklet(s) give you some practical tips of how to live Christ's values during the lockdown. 

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Churches that encourage participation value the gifts and skills of their fellow human beings and create room for them to take part in forming all aspects of church life. In this way, they foster a sense of belonging and identification with the church.

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iCOR caring

Caring churches foster a loving attitude that reaches out to others with empathy and accepts them the way they are. They actively serve their good and support them in all areas of life.

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Strategical and purpose-driven churches lead with a vision and passion, integrating the younger generation in the leadership activities of the church.

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iCOR teaching


Churches that teach the Word of God communicate in a relevant, creative and practical way.

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iCOR serving

Mission and ministering always require an attitude of service. Serving churches follow the example of Jesus by ministering to the needs of others and seeking to discover new ways to serve.

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iCOR connecting

Connecting churches strive to form authentic and loving relationships across generational, cultural and social boundaries.

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iCOR values mentoring 155x87Mentoring

Churches that care about personally accompanying their children and youth in particular, but also adults in their walk of faith are committed to fostering spiritual mentoring relationships.

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iCOR worship

Churches understand worship as the daily practice of making the Gospel reality. They search for creative opportunities to celebrate worship in everyday life and are committed to making the Sabbath a meaningful experience.

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iCOR Lockdown Reconciling

Reconciling and reconciled churches actively foster reconciliation and healing in the name of Jesus, both in the relationship to our heavenly Father and to each other.

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iCOR Lockdown Training

Churches that are open for learning provide training opportunities for their members to develop individual gifts and skills and promote services and ministries in the church.

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iCOR COVID 19 Lockdown booklet LIVING our values TOGETHER - Building Spiritual Homes

Living our Values in Lockdown
When the church invests in the capabilities of its members, it generates growth and strengthens their bond of identification with the church.

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