The Hunter Chronicles stories, combined with the Hunter’s Handbook study guides represent a bold new step into narrative based Bible exploration for Juniors (10-13 year old).

Hunter Chronicles 1To date, there are five novels and four Bible study guides in the series. A creative collaboration between acclaimed author Amanda Bews (Heaven Sent, Summer Fades) and playwright Tony Knight (The 12th Gate, Under Oath and iThirst), produced by South Pacific Division.

Each volume in The Hunter Chronicles series unpacks seven great teachings from the Bible. The chapters in each storybook correspond to the seven lessons in each Hunter’s Handbook Bible study guide. Over the course of the four Hunter Chronicles volumes, twenty-eight great truths of Scripture are explored in depth. Sessions are designed in such a way that an entire volume of the series (seven teachings) can be completed during one quarter or a school term.
Pathfinder honours are also available

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