Long ago a cohort of fallen angels, now demons, launched a diabolically sophisticated assault on God and the human race.

Rival Gods

Throughout history, they have masqueraded as gods in order to divert worship from the one and only true God and arouse the vilest urges of humanity. This 12 part series presented by Ty Gibson, James Ramirez, Brandon Schroeder, Vanessa Farfan, exposes the psychology of idolatry and how it’s easy to get caught in different contemporary forms of the idolatry.

The Originals
The Psychology of Idolatry
The Idolatry of the Best
The Idolatry of Pleasure
The Idolatry of Power
The Idolatry of Poverty
The Idolatry of Money
The Idolatry of Selfishness
The Idolatry of Sex
The Murder of God
And other topics

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