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BRI Seminar on Biblical Interpretation

The Role of Presuppositions in Biblical InterpretationKwabena Donkor

In this first video of the Seminar on Biblical interpretation, Dr. Donkor will talk about presuppositions in Hermeneutics, and the role presupposition plays and influences our understanding of Scripture.

Elements of Biblical Hermeneutics in Harmony with Scripture’s Self-ClaimsFrank M. Hasel

in this video, we deal with some self-claims of Scripture and look at some Biblical principles of interpretation that the Bible promotes and supports. Let’s listen to what the Bible has to say about itself and learn from Jesus.

Variants, Bible Translations and the Trustworthiness of Scripture – Clinton Wahlen

In this video, we will learn about texts, manuscripts, Bible translations, and the trustworthiness of Scripture. The Bible is the most well-documented and preserved document of antiquity that exists. How do Bible manuscripts and translations influence the interpretation of the Bible?

History, the Bible, and Hermeneutics – Michael G. Hasel

Many people claim and believe that the Bible is a book full of historical mistakes and inaccuracies that cannot be trusted in matters of history. In this video, we will talk about the relationship between Scripture, history, and Biblical interpretation and learn why history is important.

Culture, Hermeneutics, and Scripture: Discerning What is Universal – Clinton Wahlen & Wagner Kuhn

In this video we will look how culture and Scripture are connected? What is universal in the Bible? Learn about the complex and fascinating relationship between Culture, Hermeneutics, and Scripture.

Faith, Science, and the Bible – Leonard Brand

Can the Bible be trusted in scientific questions? What if faith and science clash? Can believers be true scientists? In this video, we will be discussing the intricate relationship between faith, science, and Biblical interpretation.

Principles of Biblical Interpretation – Ekkehardt Mueller

This video will be an introduction to how to unfold the steps that lead us into an appropriate understanding of the Biblical text. We will be looking at some illustrations and practical case studies for a better approach to Biblical Hermeneutics.

The Use of Scripture by Bible Writers – Richard M. Davidson

How did the New Testament writers quote the Old Testament? Are they using the wrong texts to support the right theology? Are they mis-using the Old Testament so that they give it a different meaning? In this video, we will discuss inner-biblical hermeneutics and how Bible writers have used biblical material.

Understanding Biblical Apocalyptic Prophecies (Daniel & Revelation) – Gerhard Pfandl

Are apocalyptic prophecies (in the books of Daniel and Revelation) to be interpreted like any other biblical prophecies? Or what differentiates these end-time prophecies from other prophecies in the Bible? In this video, you will learn details of biblical interpretation that pertain to these apocalyptic prophecies.

Conditional Prophecies and the Role of Israel – Elias Brasil de Souza

In this video we look in greater detail at the conditional prophecies in the Old Testament, that deal with the people of Israel, and the conditional character of these prophecies.

The Genesis Account as a Test Case for Biblical Interpretation – Michael G. Hasel

In this video, we will look at the Genesis account as a test case for biblical Hermeneutics. We will explore how the creation story is interpreted differently when it is approached with different methods of interpretation, and how this affects our understanding of these passages.

Adventist Pioneers and Ellen G. White on Biblical Interpretation – Denis Kaiser

In this video, we will talk about important Adventist pioneers and Ellen White and what we can learn from their understanding of Biblical Interpretation and the principles they used when they studied the Bible.

The Prophetic Gift and Sola Scriptura – John C. Peckham

As Adventists we claim to go by Scripture alone, but how does that fit with the prophetic gift that is also promised in the Bible? What about Ellen White and Biblical Interpretation? Learn about the relationship between the Bible and the prophetic gift and how they belong together.

Some Recent Trends in Methods of Biblical Interpretation – Frank M. Hasel

In the last 50 years, many newer approaches to biblical interpretation have emerged, often criticising the widespread historical-critical method. In this video, we explore if the historical-critical method is neutral and can be used in a modified form, and look at the strengths and deficiencies of some newer canonical and literary methods as well as some post-modern approaches in Biblical Interpretation.

 The BRI Seminar on Biblical Interpretation videos are presented by the Biblical Research Institute of the General Conference of the Seventh-day Adventists