LEADERSHIP : Family Leadership Training

Family Leadership Training Webinars

Nurturing Character (Lithuanian/English)

Psychotherapist Karen Holford shares the 24 character strengths which are valued in every culture and describes how to grow them in your children.

Balancing Emotions (English/Albanian)

Psychotherapist Karen Holford explores emotions and how to balance them for wellbeing.

Spiritual Abuse – Love Shouldn’t Hurt

What Is Spiritual Abuse? How can we recognise it? Karen Holford shares some signs of spiritual abuse, ways to prevent it and how to help those who experience it.

This webinar explores the relationship between premarital counselling and marital satisfaction.
The webinar is presented by Marius-Laurentiu Andrei, Pastor, CBT Psychotherapist, and Family Ministries Director of the Romanian Union Conference.

The Crucial Role of Fathers Webinar by Dr Les Ackie

Help With the Final Chapter Webinar by Dr Claudio Consuegra

Biblical View of Human Sexuality by Roberto Ianno
Sexuality & Spirituality. Taboo Vs Disinhibition

Inspired Families by Karen Holford

Download Inspired Families handout.

Developing Characters for Eternity by Karen Holford

Keeping Teens Engaged in Church by Jonatan Tejel 

Download Keeping Teens Engaged in Church handout.

Mental Health – An overview, part 1 by Helgi Jónsson

Mental Health – An overivew, part 2 by Helgi Jónsson

The Healing of Shame by Leslie Ackie

Download The Healing of Shame presentation