Worship Placemats

Feed your family spiritually during dinner! Print off these free placemats packed with different ideas and activities to stimulate spiritual conversations and family worship.

Just download a design, print it out, enlarge it if you like, and then laminate the placemat to make it more durable.

Make a set for yourself, print off extra sets for gifts, or encourage your church to make a set for every family. The designs can even be printed in the centre pages of your union magazines so that families can pull them out and use them.

We’ll be adding more designs regularly, so come back and check for more. Please contact Karen Holford if you have suggestions for future topics and activities, or if you have any feedback.

If you wish to translate the words into your own language, contact Deana Stojkovic ([email protected]) and she will help you to access the designer files.

GC ‘Praying for the Cities’ Placemats

TED Worship Placemats

Click on each placemat to download the file. You can print and enlarge the image and, if possible, laminate it to make it more durable. 

wonderful world

Noah’s Ark

He is alive

Family Heaven

Be Kind

Be Generous

Be Thankful

Lost & Found

Christmas Story

Feeding 5000

Be Brave