Running a Toddler’s Group

Toddler groups can change lives. The best toddler groups can :

  • help isolated carers and children to make friends in their local area;
  • offer support, understanding, and acceptance to carers;
  • create a safe environment for children to play;
  • build community amongst carers that continues throughout the week;
  • be a lifeline to families going through a crisis, supporting them through illness, grief, or loss;
  • connect carers to other services for more advice or support;
  • be a first point of contact to bring families into a church community, by inviting carers to other events such as parents’ groups, craft evenings, or family-friendly church events;
  • bring young families to Christ.

In this guide we will explain in more detail why running a toddler group can help you support and connect with your local community, and how to start and maintain a successful toddler group that can change lives. We’ll also provide links to further support, and inspiration from other thriving groups.

Click image below to download the “Running a Toddler’s Group” Guide :