Motives of the Heart

Stewardship of Time

“People today have a problem with time. One hundred and fifty years ago, if a merchant from Chicago had to do business in New York, he may have had to spend an entire week, because it took him so long to get to New York and back again. Today he takes an airplane and arrives there in one or two hours. That means he has gained almost an entire week. But if we look at business people today, they do not have more time. On the contrary, so many people claim, “We have no time.” Such a statement is not entirely true, because an equal amount of time is given to us per minute, per hour, per day, per week, per month, and per year. However, it is true that the enemy who knows that he has only a short time (Rev 12:12) tries to keep us occupied. Nevertheless, we are responsible for how we spend God’s gift of time…”