Motives of the Heart

Stewardship is, an expression of grateful living. As faithful stewards, we are to live our lives in gratitude to God for all He has given to us. The demonstration of grateful living is revealed in how we live and how we handle the all that God has entrusted into our care. This include the way we care for ourselves, our family and those in our community.

Managing for the Master

Do you know how much to return to God as Tithe? The act of tithing is a direct way of expressing that we are loyal to God. In this video we will learn more of its importance.

Stewardship of My Mental Health

Mental Health Awareness: Its time to take charge of your mental health.

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Stewardship and Money

It is God’s will that we use our time, talents, and material possessions to glorify His Name.

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Stewardship of Time

People today have a problem with time. One hundred and fifty years ago, if a merchant from Chicago had to do business...

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Stewardship of My Body

People try to enjoy life to the fullest without caring about God and the future. This often results in abusing their bodies in various way.

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Stewardship of My Gifts and Talents

Newspapers and magazines are filled with reports about sports “heroes”...

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Stewardship’s Theological Roots

A brief background on the development and publication of Stewardship Roots.

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