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Newbold celebrates academic success of 45 graduands

23 July 2019 | Binfield, UK [Richard Daly] Newbold College of Higher Education had their annual awards ceremony on Sunday, 14 July. In the packed auditorium in Salisbury Hall, the scene was set for the recognition of up to 45 graduates who had successfully completed the requirements for their area of matriculation.

Religious understanding and Ramadan Bajram in Croatia

23 July 2019 | Zagrab, Croatia [Dragutin Matak]  Seventh-day Adventists live with mission in their heart. Early in our existence we felt compelled to share the Advent message far beyond the New England states of North America. Missionaries headed towards Europe, Africa, Asia and the furthest corners of the globe.

Celebrating freedom through singing

18 July 2019 | Tallin, Estonia [Averonika Beekmann] Estonia is a small state by the Baltic Sea in north-eastern Europe with the population of 1.3 million. Right on the border between east and west it is a country squeezed between two mindsets – resulting in it being desired as well as possessed by different rules over centuries. Thus, while the Estonian nation is ancient, the republic is remarkably young at a mere 101 years.

Half a loaf is better than one!

17 July 2019 | St. Albans, United Kingdom [A reflection by Alvern McCrow]   In primary school, aged about 10, we were assigned the task of completing some well-known sayings. I responded to "Half a loaf is better than..." by writing "one". The teacher took great delight in telling the rest of the class that I was foolish enough to complete my saying as "Half a loaf is better than one" instead of "Half a loaf is better than none".

100 Years of Adventist Education at Stanborough School

15 July 2019 | Watford, UK [Richard Daly]  Among the 40+ Adventist primary and secondary schools across the Trans-European Division, Stanborough School in Watford, England, is one of the oldest.

The need to talk out loud

15 July 2019 | Loma Linda, USA [Helgi Jónsson.]   Quiet-spoken Helgi Jónsson, Health Ministries director for the Trans-European Division (TED), discovers the imperative to ‘talk out loud’ during the 3rd Global Conference on Health and Lifestyle at Loma Linda, California, 9-13 July 2019.