Mission to Korçë, Albania

Students make meaningful impact

News April 18, 2024

7 April 2023| Korçë, Albania [Sarah Henke with tedNEWS]

35 students from Sagunto Adventist College (SAC), Spain, recently embarked on a week-long impact mission to Korçë, Albania. During their stay, they engaged with the community, organising a range of activities such as playing sports with the local children, hosting English and Spanish classes, distributing books, and offering free Health Expo support.

One of the highlights of the mission was an evangelistic campaign led by Pastor Daniel Bosqued, Sagunto College president. Reflecting on the experience, he said, “It was a blessing to be able to present fundamental topics about the existence of God, the value of the Bible, why we suffer, and ultimately present Jesus,” he shared. “It was beautiful and very gratifying to see how the number of people attending increased and remained consistent throughout the entire week.”

“The dedication and hard work of this amazing group of volunteers were certainly a blessing to all of us in Albania,” said local pastor Euxhenia Bregasi. But the blessing did not end there. “The experience was spectacular for all of us who participated,” said Christian Müller, SAC business manager highlighting how it not only strengthened the mission spirit within their student body but also fostered meaningful cross-cultural connections.

Reflecting on the impact of such missions, Pastor Delmar Reis, Albanian Mission president, remarked, “Over the past few years, I have witnessed the impact of short-term missions on the lives of both volunteers and the locals. They provide an opportunity for exchange – exchange of experience – service and of love.”


[Photos and video: courtesy of Sarah Henke / Albanian Mission].

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