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Come, you who are Humanitarian Workers

19 August 2020 | Brussels, Belgium [João Martins]   There are moments in our collective memories that unanimously come into our minds when we talk about events that affected the course of history during our lifetime. If I quickly think about it, I immediately remember the fall of Berlin Wall, the September 11th, the Southeast Asia Tsunami, or the Iraq wars. In 2020, we are experiencing one of such events: The Global Covid-19 pandemic. For as long as we live, we will never forget this year and the disruption it brought into our lives.

Volunteer at ADRA Hungary helps in preparing food packages

ADRA distributes food and laptops in Hungary during pandemic

12 August 2020 | Budapest, Hungary [ADRA Hungary]  During the COVID-19 pandemic, more than 560 low-income families received food packages and 24 families received laptops for online education thanks to projects sponsored by the Adventist Development and Relief Agency (ADRA) in Hungary.

Andrews University logo

Learning Leaders and Gownless Graduations

11 August 2020 | St Albans, UK [Karen Holford and co.]  For centuries, graduation services have involved flowing black robes, tasselled mortarboards, processions, and diplomas. But not this year…On Sunday, May 3rd and Sunday, August 2nd, the students who had completed the Trans-European Division (TED) MA Leadership programme graduated from Andrews University in Michigan, USA. They wore whatever they wanted, and watched their online graduation from their home, their garden, and even the passenger seat of a car.

Adventist Discovery Centre website

Three new courses for the UK Adventist Discovery Centre

11 August 2020 | Watford [Maureen Rock/tedNEWS]  Despite the challenges of working from home, staff on furlough and working reduced hours, the Bible Correspondence School in the British Union Conference, aptly named the Adventist Discovery Centre (ADC), has managed to launch three new courses.

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"Dear Coronavirus" Videos Circle the World

Adventist communication experts from different worldwide church divisions work together to share messages of hope through a series of 12 #DearCoronavirus videos shown globally on social media/viewing platforms.

Boucherieh Adventist Secondary School in Beirut, Lebanon.

Prayer call for Beirut as church reaches out following devastating explosion

6 August 2020 | St Albans, UK [tedNEWS/ANN]  Following a major explosion that killed at least 135 people and injured 4,000 more, citizens of the city of Beirut, Lebanon are left in shock and anger. The government has imposed a two-week state of emergency to help deal with the crisis following the blast caused by 2,750 tonnes of ammonium nitrate stored unsafely in a warehouse. According to Beirut's governor, Marwan Aboud, the blast has left as many as 300,000 people homeless.

Bert Smit, ADRA-UK

Bert Smit, from ADRA-UK, appears in Leaders Council podcast, alongside Lord Blunkett.

6 August 2020 | Watford, UK [Cathy Boldeau]  The Leaders Council of Great Britain and Northern Ireland is currently in the process of talking to leadership figures from across the nation in an attempt to understand this universal trait and what it means in Britain and Northern Ireland today.

Peter Bo at a camp

Thank you, Peter Bo

5 August 2020 | St Albans, UK [Victor Hulbert]  Trans-European Division staff have said a ‘virtual’ farewell to Pathfinder Director Peter-Bo Bohsen as he completed his term of faithful, innovative and creative service on 31 July 2020. After enhancing Pathfinder skills across the TED, Bohsen has accepted a full-time position serving at the Adventist Junior College at Vejlefjord, Denmark.