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1980s alumni reconnect at Newbold

25 August 2019 | Binfield, UK [Kirsty Watkinds/tedNEWS]  What brings a student back to Newbold after a 30+ year gap? Ask the sixty or so alumni and former staff who gathered at Newbold’s 1980s Reunion 2-4 August and they respond enthusiastically.

UNZIP rediscovers the ‘forgotten’ God

23 August 2018 | Novi Sad, Serbia [Victor Hulbert with Tihomir Lazić] Some 500 students at Novi Sad University, Serbia, are discovering positive values and different aspects of themselves through UNZIP, a Public Campus Ministry initiative by Adventist students.

Norwegian Adventists engage with public, meet politicians at significant street fair

20 August 2019 | Arendal, Norway [Tor Tjeransen] For the third year running, the Seventh-day Adventist Church has gained considerable attention at an annual fair in the town of Arendal in south-east Norway. The week-long event is simply named after the town, Arendalsuka (Arendal Week).

Generous Pathfinders support mission, share talent

8 August 2019, Ardingly, UK [Victor Hulbert]  Trans-European Division (TED) Pathfinders raised £14,533.78 (15,341.70 Euros) for two mission projects in Albania and the Dominican Republic during their international camporee in Ardingly, England, 30 July – 6 August 2019.

Two men, twelve camporees, one passion

6 August 2019 | Ardingly, England [Victor Hulbert] Lives are changed at Camporee! Lives are changed by Pathfinders! Two men who know this better than most are Lars Gille and Erik Henriksen. They were pioneers of Pathfindering in the Trans-European Division, attending the very first TED camporee at Västeräng, Sweden in 1971 under the leadership of then Youth director, Pastor Paul Sundqvist. They have been to every camporee since, all twelve of them.

Death of Igor Baron, former Director of Theology at Polish college

6 August 8, 2019 | Warsaw [Łukasz Romanowski]  The Polish Seventh-day Adventist community sadly lost a dear friend, mentor, and pillar on 29 July 2019 as Dr Igor Baron, former director of the Department of Theology and a long-time lecturer at the Polish College of Theology and Humanities passed away. The death came after a relatively short but intense fight with cancer at the age of just 45.

Symbols of trust and faithfulness discovered by TED Pathfinders

 4 August 2019 | Ardingly, UK [Victor Hulbert]  Celebrating Sabbath at the Trans-European Division Pathfinder CamporeeIt is hard to feel hungry at the TED Pathfinder Camporee since the volunteers at the food distribution centre work tirelessly to supply the needs of 4,000 campers with wholesome vegetarian fare. Yet Friday evening, Melissa Myklebust, the animated youth pastor from Norway, walked through the auditorium clutching her stomach and complaining of hunger pangs.

14-year-old wins Exodus theme song competition, makes impact at Camporee

2 August 2019 | Ardingly, UK [Lynne Sesinye Samwinga / tedNEWS] International praise and worship at the TED camporee [Photos: Victor Hulbert]A theme song should convey a strong message along with a tune that should stick in the brain. Can a fourteen-year-old achieve that? The answer at the 2019 Trans-European Camporee is a resounding ‘Yes!’