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The Lord of the gift

13 May 2019 | St Albans, UK [Raafat Kamal]  "Reflecting on God’s power to do the impossible, I love reading stories about missionaries who committed their lives to God’s service. During one of my readings, I came across this inspiring story," states Pastor Raafat Kamal, Trans-European Division president. This moving miracle story was originally part of a sermon he preached at the Irish Mission Day of Fellowship on 16 March 2019 and was then published in Messenger magazine.

Hospitality: a reminder of grace and blessing

8 May 2019 [ADRA Europe, EUD & tedNEWS]  The Seventh-day Adventist church will commemorate World Refugee Sabbath on 15 June 2019, reminding members that an attitude of hospitality is biblical and can have surprising and positive rewards.

British Youth Storm America in Pathfinder Bible Experience Finals

9 May 2019 | Rockford, Illinois, USA [tedNEWS with Dejan Stojković, Kevin Johns & Lynne Sesinye Samwinga]  With 43 Pathfinder teams from across the British Isles participating in the North American Division (NAD) Pathfinder Bible Experience (PBE) finals, questions are now being asked as to whether something that started with just a few clubs in the South England Conference should now become a Division-wide experience.

Media Academy in Bulgaria inspires youth to serve the Church

9 May 2019 | Sofia, Bulgaria [Ivalina Ilieva/EUDNews/tedNEWS]   Inspired by the cross-media interaction of ideas and teams during the 2018 GAiN Europe* conference in Valencia, Spain, Communication leaders in Bulgaria committed themselves to develop similar outreach projects in their own country – a land that is traditionally Orthodox but that is today very secular.

Desmond Doss story inspires Norwegian soldier to faith

9 May 2019 | Mjøndalen, Norway [Tor Tjeransen]  Christian Ødegård had barely heard about Seventh-day Adventists. However, while serving in the Norwegian armed forces, he saw a war movie that made a huge impact on him. The film was Mel Gibson’s Hacksaw Ridge with the young Adventist paramedic, Desmond Doss, as the main character.

Spiritual and physical growth at Kalamos campsite, Greece

9 May 2019 | Kalamos, Greece [Claudio Gulyas]  A recent refurbishment of the Kalamos campsite in Greece means that even more children and youth from across the country, many of them in isolated communities, can build deep friendships and learn about God together.