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Messy church – It’s more than a programme

30 May 2019 | St Albans, UK [Victor Hulbert]   Messy Church has become an established programme for many churches across the Trans-European Division (TED) – but during an International Messy Church Conference, 2 – 5 May, Adventist participants recognised that it was far more than just a programme.

ADRA Norway praised by Auditor General

29 May 2019 | Røyse, Norway [Tor Tjeransen]  In 2018 ADRA Norway received NOK 73 million (7.48 million Euros) from Norad, the Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation, for education programmes in Ethiopia, South Sudan, Somalia, Niger, Mali, and Myanmar. This included helping children with special needs to gain an education.

ADRA Croatia team join Wings for Life World Run

28 May 2019 | Zadar, Croatia [Darko Kovačević]  Wearing running shirts emblazoned with the ADRA logo and slogan ‘Justice. Compassion. Love’, an ADRA Croatia team participated in the globally renowned humanitarian international Wings for Life World Run. Together they ran a total of 227.5 km in Zadar, an attractive coastal city, host to the race in Croatia.

A new sporting look for Newbold’s 23rd Annual General Meeting

24 May 2019 | Binfield, UK [Angeline Tyrokomos]   With scaffolding up to the roof, the sports hall auditorium is half-way through a significant upgrade. [Photos: Victor Hulbert]Sombrely dressed men and women headed towards a sports hall? That is not the traditional picture of the Newbold Annual General Meeting – a review of academic and financial progress over the past twelve months. Yet on Sunday, 19 May, that is exactly what happened. With the exciting refurbishment progress on the Sports Hall-Auditorium, members of the AGM were excited to see the transformation of what used to simply be called ‘the gym’.

Becoming European: The Trans-European Division at 90

23 May 2019 | Binfield, United Kingdom [Victor Hulbert with Helen Pearson]  Audrey Andersson, Exec. Secretary; Raafat Kamal, President; & Nenad Jepuranovic, Treasurer. [All photos: Victor Hulbert]There are three essentials for a good party: guests, a cake and a good speech. Leaders of the Trans-European Division found they had all three aplenty when they gathered for a ninety-year celebration on Saturday afternoon, 18 May.

ASI Europe responds to ‘Macedonian call’

22 May 2019 | Paris, France [Christiane Theiss] “Five years ago, I received a ‘Letter from Macedonia’”, Christiane Theiss, ASI Europe president states. “It offered IT services, webhosting, web design and software development. At first glance I thought that this was a marketing letter like many others I received in the past, but then something caught my attention: