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What's in your hand - The Newbold Sisterhood

The Newbold Sisterhood Celebrates its 10th Anniversary

26 November 2020 | Binfield, UK [Judith Makaniankhondo Nyirenda]  The Newbold Sisterhood celebrated its 10th year anniversary on Saturday, November 14, 2020, by leading a special online service at Newbold Church based in Berkshire, England. The Newbold Sisterhood is the Women’s Ministry department of Newbold Church and reaches the women in the church as well as the wider community.

Amanda Khozi Mukwashi

Does Poverty Have a Colour?

25 November 2020 I Binfield, UK [Michael and Helen Pearson]  For its final lecture of 2020, the Newbold Diversity Centre was delighted to welcome Amanda Khozi Mukwashi, the CEO of Christian Aid, on Tuesday, 10th November. The fact that she so clearly identifies as a Seventh-day Adventist added an extra dimension to the event. She framed her topic as a question: ‘Does poverty have a colour?’

Resilience in time of crisis presentation

TED Year-End Meetings Focus on Resilience in Time of Crisis

23 November 2020 | St. Albans, UK [John Surridge]  Dr Gabor Mihalec is a Hungarian pastor, counsellor, author, and Family Ministries director. His presentation on 'Resilience in Time of Crisis' was the centrepiece of the Trans-European Division (TED) Year-End meetings, requested specifically to give church leaders coping mechanisms in these unprecedented COVID times. As with all the best presentations, Mihalec’s message was deceptively simple, just seven steps to building resilience.

TED Year-End Meetings - group zoom photo

TED Year-End Meetings – Virtually the Same

23 November 2020 | St Albans, UK [John Surridge] The Trans-European Division Year-End meetings are a highlight in the calendar for church leaders from the twenty-two European countries that make up its territory. For decades these meetings, usually located in very pleasant surroundings, have provided an opportunity for fellowship, spiritual uplift and refocusing on the mission of the Church.

ADRA Norway online auction

ADRA raises USD 23,000 during live broadcast

23 November 2020 Mjøndalen, Norway [Tor Tjeransen]  ADRA Norway raised USD 23,000 for educational projects in South Sudan during a two-hour-and-half programme by Hope Channel Norway on Saturday, November 14. The programme was live-streamed from the Mjøndalen Seventh-day Adventist Church, and featured what Adventist churches and schools across the country had done for the ingathering programme during the pandemic.

School in Podkowa Lesna, group photo

A first for the Polish Union – first ever primary school

19 November 2020 | Podkowa Leśna, Poland [TED Communications]  Forty kilometres south-west of Warsaw, Poland, lies the commuter town of Podkowa Leśna. This small city is surrounded by forest on three sides from the east, south and north. Since 1959, it has been home to the Polish College of Theology and Humanities (PCTH), and more recently the School of Foreign Languages – the only Adventist school in a country of 38 million people.

ADRA Norway 'Hjelpeaksjon'

Everyone gets involved in Corona-adapted event in Norway

12 Norway 2020 | Røyse, Norway [ADRA Norway]  This has been a very different year and many lockdown rules called for new ways of fundraising.  The ‘Everyone involved’ programme on 14 November will mark the end of the international Adventist week of prayer and ADRA’s ingathering campaign ‘Hjelpeaksjon’.

“Where do You want me to be next, God?”

11 November 2020 | Watford, UK [Lynette Allcock]   When challenges arise, what’s the real answer?