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Happy Holiday Season

Dear Readers, Once a year we have a sense of moving forward, leaving something behind and getting into something new - it's the time of Christmas and New Year and it is here now.

Church Leaders Meet with Hungarian Ambassador on Looming Deregistration of Churches

13 December 2011, Silver Spring, Maryland, United States [Bettina Krause/PARL/ANN; tedNEWS] Religious liberty leaders of the Seventh-day Adventist Church this week met the Hungarian ambassador to the United States in an effort to help officials from that country better understand the potential effects of a looming deregistration of churches. The Law of Churches, set for implementation on January 1, would deregister all but 14 religious denominations in Hungary, including the Adventist Church. It could also potentially affect the church's theological seminary.

Nobel Peace Prize Winners Inspired by ADRA

13 December 2011 Oslo, Norway [Geir Olav Lisle; tedNEWS] Nobel Peace Prize Winner Leymah Gbowee has provided ADRA Norway and ADRA Liberia with new perspectives on the loss of our people in Liberia back in 2003. Last Friday before the Nobel ceremony Leymah Gbowee and Liberian president Ellen Johnson Sirleaf set aside their time and met with ADRA Norway staff, ADRA Liberia Country Director Emmanuel George and the wife and daughter of Kåre Lund, who was killed in Liberia in 2003. Gbowee had a very special story to tell. She met Kåre Lund and the Liberian workers in the field on the same day they were killed. They met at the same checkpoint, with the same soldiers. That evening, when she arrived in Monrovia, she heard news reports that the ADRA workers were missing.

Church Chat: Where did London's Majority White Church Population Go?

12 December 2011, Silver Spring, Maryland, United States [Ansel Oliver/ANN; tedNEWS] Ian Sweeney says that within the more than 11,000 Seventh-day Adventist Church members in the London area there are probably less than 200 white British. Like several world regions of the denomination, church growth there is mainly among immigrant communities. That's causing Sweeney, the president of the Adventist Church in Britain, to assess how Adventists are ministering to the 70 percent majority white population in London, as well as throughout the British Isles. His advice is for Adventists to find better ways of impacting communities surrounding its congregations.

Newbold College International Business Studies Programme Expanding

11 December 2011 Bracknell, United Kingdom [tedNEWS] Newbold College of Higher Education, England has signed a five-year agreement with Southern Adventist University (SAU), USA to provide a Newbold campus-based ‘European Semester’ for SAU’s undergraduate business studies students majoring in International Business. “The purpose of this agreement is for Newbold to provide SAU International Business majors with a memorable cultural experience that is Newbold campus-based and academically rooted in Christian business values” said Dr Philip Brown, Principal, Newbold College.

Evangelism Symposium Urges simpler Gospel Presentation

05 December 2011, Silver Spring, Maryland, United States [Elizabeth Lechleitner, ANN/tedNEWS]  Top administrators, evangelists and Ministerial secretaries of the Seventh-day Adventist Church are reprioritizing the role of God's spirit and simple Bible truths in public evangelism. Rather than complicating the gospel or endlessly repackaging it, leaders are advocating a simpler approach. They say preaching basic Bible truths is the most compelling way to present the Adventist hope.

The Message of Hope in Slovenian Prison

01 December 2011 Ljubljana, Slovenia [tedNEWS] Wintley Phipps, Seventh-day Adventist pastor and singer, visited prison facilities in Dob, Slovenia. Invited by EU parliament member Lojze Peterle, Phipps performed in front of prisoners, their families, prison personnel and invitees from political and church domain.

Newbold College Deputy Principal Receives Key Community Engagement Award

25 November 2011 Bracknell, United Kingdom [Philip Brown, tedNEWS] Dr John Baildam, Deputy Principal, Newbold College, has been presented with The Paul Clark Award – a special award for 2011 Governor of the Year at nearby Garth Hill College. Charlotte Edwards MBE, English cricketer and current captain of the England women’s team presented Dr Baildam with his award. Charlotte was guest of honour at Garth Hill College’s Celebration of Success last Thursday evening, 24 November.