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Estonian Adventists Celebrate their 115th Anniversary “In the Light of the Beginning”

07 May 2012 Tartu, Estonia [Lauri Beekmann] Estonian Conference of the Seventh-day Adventist Church celebrated its 115th anniversary in the biggest concert hall of southern Estonia on the 27th and 28th of April bringing together Adventists and friends from different parts of Estonia and also brothers and sisters in faith from other countries. Estonian Adventists celebrate their 115th anniversary “in the light of the beginning”“The spring festival dedicated for the 115th anniversary of the Seventh-day Adventist church in Estonia is behind us and will be remembered as a historical, special event,” said pastor David Nõmmik, president of the Estonian Conference. “Our main theme for the event was “In The Light Of The Beginning” and the sermons and activities were focused on the church growth and mission in the past, and on the hope that we have in Jesus Christ for the future", pastor Nõmmik explained. "We needed such an event in order to look back and see the progress of our Adventist church in Estonia and maintain focus on church mission and unity. It was great to have guests from Finland, Scotland, England, Latvia and Lithuania among us, and feel their support and encouragement,” Nõmmik said.

Mission to Cities Initiative Highlights Spring Meeting Opening

02 May  2012 Silver Spring, United States [Ansel Oliver/ANN and Miroslav Pujic/tedNEWS] Top regional Seventh-day Adventist Church leaders identified 24 cities that will receive targeted outreach efforts, the next step of a plan voted by church officials last year to focus on urban area ministry worldwide. Presidents of each of the 13 world divisions read Genesis chapter 1 to launch the Revived by His Word initiative, a programme to motivate church members to read the entire Bible between now and General Conference Session in 2015. Delegates of the denomination’s Executive Committee met for the first day of Spring Meeting on April 17 at the church’s world headquarters in Silver Spring, Maryland, United States. [photo by Ansel Oliver] During the opening of Spring Meeting – one of two annual meetings of the global Executive Committee – leaders stated plans for renewed outreach in a mega city in each of the denomination’s 13 world divisions. Some divisions identified several cities.

AWR Honours Swedish Radio Workers

Anne-Maj Sandström (left) and Siv Molin (right) received the Adventist World Radio Award of Merit "For more than 33 years of unselfish, faithful and dedicated service to the radio ministry in Sweden" at an AWR training event for Norway and Sweden in the Gothenburg SDA Church, April 27 – 30, 2012. The awards were presented by Greg Scott, Senior Vice President, AWR. Photo: Tor Tjeransen.02 May 2012 Gothenburg, Sweden [Tor Tjeransen] The Swedish radio workers Siv Molin and Anne-Maj Sandström were honoured with the Adventist World Radio (AWR) Award of Merit on April 30. Senior Vice President for AWR, Greg Scott, presented the awards at the close of a four day training event for radio workers from Sweden and Norway held in the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Gothenburg.

World Religious Freedom Congress Calls to Avoid Secular Society’s Lead

24 April 2012, Punta Cana, Dominican Republic [Mark Kellner/Adventist Review; tedNEWS] Addressing nearly 900 delegates and guests at the Seventh World Congress of the International Religious Liberty Association, Denton Lotz, a noted Baptist minister and IRLA president, summarised the purpose of this three-day event: "We're here today because we believe that freedom of religion is basic to all human rights." That view, sadly, is not shared in many parts of the world, something Lotz said made holding the sessions even more important.

Pastors in England Discuss Postmodernism & Outreach

24 April 2012 Bracknell, United Kingdom [Kirsten Øster-Lundqvist] South England Conference ministers in the provinces gathered at Newbold church on Wednesday 18 April 2012 to discuss postmodernism and outreach to the majority population. A presentation on postmodernism by Dr Miroslav Pujic, Trans-European Division Ministry to Postmoderns director, shared some identifying aspects of how a postmodern mindset operates, and highlighted several challenges for the Church when using more traditional evangelistic methods for outreach. He noted that a postmodern mindset responds better to a relational outreach rather than programmes. Dr Pujic concluded by urging the pastors to "always start the conversation with Jesus."

Organizational Leadership Development Process

The church needs people who continually experience learning and growth as they go about their ministry. Such persons develop as leaders who in turn create positive transformation. They integrate learning and change with their experience. They in turn disciple others who grow as leaders, experience meaning in their service, and contribute significant organizational change. Such leadership development is an on-going process in which the following eight conditions are established and nurtured. The eight conditions form a cyclical system; each condition promotes the others. Effective integration of this model means that leadership development becomes hard to distinguish from usual ministry. Leadership development is experienced while actually doing ministry, accomplishing and adapting, rather than a distinctive program.

Newbold Appoints New College Chaplain

Sonya and Paul Goltz23 April 2012 Bracknell, Untied Kingdom [Newbold College, tedNEWS] Pastor Paul Goltz has been appointed Newbold College Chaplain from the beginning of the 2012-13 academic year.  “The Newbold College community stands to benefit from Paul’s warm, caring manner” Dr Philip Brown, Principal, said this week.  “He knows how to accommodate those who might have different theological views and recognizes that student needs can be different from those of regular church members.”  “Paul has a clear passion to share Christ and His love and compassion and he is clearly committed to and passionate about the ministry of Chaplaincy,” Dr Brown added. 

'Green Sabbath' Produces Eco-Christians

07 April 2012 London, United Kingdom [SEC Communications/Colin Stewart, Olympic Outreach Team] "Green Sabbath was rejuvenating and refreshing after getting into the 'green' mentality.  The song that played on my mind was 'How Great Thou Art' especially on our walk to church in the morning," said Marilyn Le Feuvre, Communication leader at Horley Gatwick Adventist church.