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The 2011 Wellness Summit

The British Union Conference Health Ministries Department is organising Wellness Summit from 21 - 26 June, 2011 at De Vere Venues Staverton Park Hotel in Staverton, Northamptonshire. The varieties of courses covering the topics such as: 'Addictions - Breaking Free from Harmful Habits', 'Domestic Violence', 'Forgive to Live', 'Health Expo Training', 'Weight Management', 'Youth Alive' and many more will be presented by highly qualified speakers. For more information about the topics and the registration, please click here. [tedNEWS]

New Principal Appointed at Newbold College

08 May 2011 St Albans, UK [Miroslav Pujic, tedNEWS] In its meeting on Sunday, the 8th of May, 2011, the Newbold College Board appointed Dr Philip R Brown from Australia to serve as the new principal at Newbold College. Brown is currently a vice-president at Avondale College in Australia, with particular responsibility for learning and teaching. He brings exceptional academic qualifications including an earned doctoral degree with specialisation in educational administration and leadership, which underpins all the qualities required in fulfilling the key responsibilities of this senior position. He is the 31st principal in Newbold's 110-year history.

Royal Wedding Endorsement by Jamaica's Governor General

05 May 2011, London United Kingdom [Derek Morrison, BUC NEWS] Pomp, pageantry and praise – not just at last Friday's Royal Wedding at Westminster Abbey, but continued the next day at a special Day of Fellowship at Hampstead Adventist church with Sir Patrick Allen, Governor General of Jamaica. Themed 'The Royal Wedding', the day's proceedings featured stirring and appealing musical input from the London Male Voice Choir, the Millennium Brass Ensemble, and 14-year-old Tennae Drysdale. A well-ordered procession and guard of honour mounted by Pathfinders contributed to a sense of splendour and occasion. With well over 500 people packing the sanctuary for the extended morning service, local minister Humphrey Walters delivered the morning's address based on the parable of the wedding garment, taking his cue from the royal wedding service.

Nine Young People Baptised in Iceland

03 May 2011 Reykjavik, Iceland [Eric Gudmundsson, tedNEWS] Baptisms are not really about numbers and they should be used only carefully as a measurement of church growth. We all know that baptism as such is only one of many contributing factors to a thriving, let alone a blooming church. Recently, the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Iceland could celebrate nine baptisms within two weeks. This may not sound so spectacular in regions where hundreds are baptised even in one day but here in Iceland, it certainly does.

Angélique Hornis Receives a Royal Decoration

03 May 2011 Emmen, The Netherlands [Wim Altink, tedNEWS] On Friday 29 April 2011 Mrs. Angélique Hornis van der Horst received a Royal Decoration and thus became a member of the Order of Orange Nassau. She received a ribbon which was pinned up at the Grote Kerk in Emmen. Angélique is a member of the Adventist church in Emmen and despite her disability caused by rheumatism, she places herself above it for the cause of her fellow men. “When I was 21 years old, I consciously decided to become a Christian. It has always been my desire to share with others the message of Jesus as the Saviour of this world. I am trying to show it by my way of living but also whenever I have an opportunity, I would talk about it, too. God deserves all the honour because He has given me the strength to do it. This faith is my support and I am a happy person.” said Angélique in her speech this morning.

Tragic Accident Involving Nile Academy Students

28 April 2011, Cairo, Egypt [tedNEWS] A tragic accident happened on Wednesday, 27 April 2011 when a mini bus carrying fifteen students from Nile Union Academy in Egypt crashes, resulting in the death of one student and serious injuries to the others. The group of students were returning back from their Easter holiday break travelling from Zewek, a village in Upper Egypt, when the driver of the mini bus fell asleep and lost the control over the vehicle. The bus rolled over several times on the road until it finally stopped. One young man, a senior student, died as a result of injuries caused by the accident and yet, another is in a critical condition needing an expensive operation. The rest of the group, including the driver of the bus, has suffered serious injuries and broken bones.

Gentle Voices Has Won the Finals

28 April 2011, Rotterdam, The Netherlands [Madelon Comvalius, tedNEWS] The Dutch gospel vocal group “Gentle Voices” from the Adventist churches Rotterdam North and Rotterdam South wins the finals of The Sing Off programme on SBS6 on Saturday 16 April 2011. In the past weeks, SBS6 has been broadcasting the music programme, The Sing-Off. The participating groups in their unique format not only sang, but all instrumental sounds and beats were created by their voices. After a thrilling finals show, by which a great deal of singing was performed without musical arrangement, the six men of the vocal group 'Gentle Voices' at the end ousted the vocal group 'Sharp'. By winning the acappella contest, they also won a record deal with Sony Music and they were invited to perform with the popular Dutch group 'De Toppers'.

tedMEDIA Productions Website Launched

27 April 2011, St Albans, United Kingdom [Jemina Da Silva Macedo, tedNEWS] As of this moment, tedMEDIA Productions, media unit of the Trans-European Division's Communication Department has gone live. Complete with all their productions to date, the website also allows you to get to know the team, gives updates on current projects, behind the scenes photos and footage and of course, allows you to view any one of their numerous clips and episodes.