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Change in Church's Operations in the Middle East…

09 October 2011, Silver Springs, MD, USA  [Miroslav Pujic, tedNEWS] The Seventh-day Adventist Church's top officials, represented at the General Conference (GC) Annual Council, voted today to accept a recommendation to realign the mission fields of the Euro-Africa Division (EUD) and the Trans-European Division (TED). For the TED, this means that the Middle East Union Mission is joined with other fields in North Africa, Turkey and Iran to form a new union called Greater Middle East Union Mission (GMEU). The union will be placed directly under the oversight of the GC. South Sudan will be placed under the East-Central Africa Division with offices in Nairobi. Pakistan will be moved to the Southern Asia-Pacific Division, and Israel Field will be directly under the GC as an attached field on its own. The decision also includes Afghanistan, which is aligned with the Euro-Asia Division. Cyprus will remain with the TED. All the changes will take effect on 1st of January 2012.

Adventist World Church Approves Urban Focus; New York City is First Launch Site

9 Oct 2011, Silver Spring, Maryland, United States [Elizabeth Lechleitner, ANN] Top leadership of the Seventh-day Adventist Church today endorsed a plan to evangelize the world's cities, beginning in 2013 with New York City. The vote came as a practical response to world church President Ted N. C. Wilson's call yesterday to prioritize outreach to large urban centers, where half of the world's population now lives. Historically, rural areas have responded to the Adventist Church's message of hope more than cities, said world church Secretary G. T. Ng. "We are a church of islands and villages," he told more than 300 delegates at world church headquarters on October 9 for Annual Council business meetings.

Newbold College Staff Celebrate World Teachers’ Day at Breakfast

07 October 2011 Bracknell, United Kingdom [tedNEWS] Newbold College of Higher Education staff celebrated World Teachers’ Day last Tuesday morning while enjoying a hot breakfast together on campus. The breakfast was the initiative of Dr Philip Brown, who last month took up his post as the 31st Principal of Newbold College in Binfield, Bracknell. Newbold College is operated by the Seventh-day Adventist Church, which also operates a system of 7,598 schools, colleges and universities worldwide, with a total enrolment of more than 1,545,000 students and approximately 80,000 teachers.

Black or White?

06 October 2011 Hadsund, Denmark [Thomas Rasmussen, tedNEWS] We were in for a treat when Dr Radisa Antic, and Dr Mike Pearson from Newbold College visited Denmark for our theological weekend from 23-25 September. The theme for the weekend was ‘Black or White’ – put it another way. The topic was Ellen White. We have not had a national event with this topic for quite a few years, so people were excited, and so were the speakers, because just like we had advertised, they did not agree on everything. The weekend started on Friday evening, where Dr Radisa Antic, Director of EG White-Seventh-day Adventist Research Centre and Lecturer at Newbold College, passionately presented  the relevance of Ellen White for the church today. We had over 60 participants at the event, half of them under 35. Young and old were very interested to see the influence she has had in our church and also in which areas. It was a good way to begin the Sabbath.

Adventist Communicators Explore Creativity

27 September 2011 Lasko, Slovenia [T. Tjeransen, M. Kellner, M. Pujic; tedNEWS] “You can all be creative” says Belinda Stojanovic, a UK based psychologist, to more than 100 Adventist communicators gathered in Slovenia from 22-26 September 2011 for a conference with the theme “Explore Creativity” that had as its goal to enhance their skills in communication.

Eminent Scientists Present on Creation and Intelligent Design at Newbold College

20 September 2011 Bracknell, United Kingdom [tedNEWS] “If your DNA was stretched out into a line it would reach to the moon and back 8,000 times” was one of the fascinating facts with which Dr Alastair Noble peppered his lecture in the Moor Close Chapel of Newbold College on 17 September 2011. Dr Noble, a former research chemist who is also a lay preacher and church elder in the Evangelical Brethren Church, is the Director of the recently formed Centre for Intelligent Design based in Glasgow. He conveyed how the complexity of DNA with its ‘information rich system’ thrills and excites him and gives him an insight into the mind of God. He contends that living systems look designed – because they are designed.

Pastors' Council in Egypt

20 September 2011, Ain-Al-Sokhna, Egypt [Jony Hajaj, tedNEWS] Approximately 80 pastors of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in the Middle East gathered together for Pastors’ Council for professional, theological and pastoral training in Egypt from September 12-18, 2011. Hand in hand with the Arabic Spring, the Adventist pastors from all of the Middle East territory had its own ‘New Spring’ of sharing and being part of God’s Story.

Wilson Offered Condolences in Oslo

20 September 2011 Oslo Norway [Tor Tjernanen, tedNEWS] The president of the General Conference, Pastor Ted N. C. Wilson, offered his condolences to the people of Norway in the aftermath of the terrorist attacks when he visited Oslo as the main speaker at a fellowship weekend on September 16. and 17. 'I have personally prayed for the bereaved families, the King and the government of Norway,' said Pastor Wilson to an audience of 700 Adventists who had gathered for the annual fellowship week-end in Oslo.