Why Dormancy is Essential to Life

On waiting, seeds and Sleeping Beauty

News July 26, 2022

26 July 2022 | St Albans, UK  [Vanesa Pizzuto]

Every ending is a new beginning. With spring, winter ends, and with summer, spring. Beginnings and endings merge continuously like the waves of the sea. Although we know that change is the only constant, we have a hard time accepting it. Welcoming change is difficult because it involves waiting and giving up control. There is generally a waiting period between and end and a new beginning. There’s a pause, an ellipsis, a void filled with uncertainty. Although this period can cause fear and anxiety, it is far from useless! The pause between an end and a new beginning is like a seed’s dormancy period.

Seeds know when to germinate. They wait, like Sleeping Beauty, until they receive a triple kiss: water, warmth, and sunlight. Humble and patient, seeds can wait more than fifty years until conditions are given for them to burst through the ground. Seeds are still alive while they wait. They haven’t been buried; they’ve been planted. Within each of them lies a forest, a spark of life, an oasis waiting to be awakened in the fullness of time. Like seeds, between an end and a new beginning, we can experience darkness and dormancy. Let us remember, however, that this is not the darkness of the tomb, but the darkness of the womb. We are planted, not buried.

If a chapter of your life has ended, allow yourself a moment to breathe, reflect, and wait. Every musical composition needs pauses and silences. Trust that, at the right time, the Great Conductor will move the baton and your life will be filled with music once again.

This is an excerpt from No Fears, No Chains, reproduced with permission.

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