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Highlights from the South-East European Union Conference Session

News July 1, 2024

8 June | Belgrade, Serbia [Veljko Milošević with tedNEWS]

The month of May this year held special significance for the South-East European Union Conference (SEEUC), as, after five years, the time had come again for the sessions within the Union and all its entities: three Conferences (South, North, the area in Bosnia and Herzegovina) and the Macedonian Mission. The appointed delegates worked diligently week after week, and within a month, a complete administration team was formed, composed of re-elected and newly elected officers and department directors. This intense period of work culminated in a beautiful Sabbath service on 8 June 2024, in the Dom Sindikata (MTS Hall), in the heart of Belgrade, Serbia.

South East European Union Conference members unite together in the Belgrade MTS Hall giving praise and thanksgiving for the way in which the Lord is leading, and will continue to lead their Union.

Nearly 1,500 people gathered for the Sabbath service, including church members from near and far, along with friends, relatives, colleagues, and official guests. The programme began with a beautiful song service led by the well-known Vesnik group. Official guests from the diaspora and the neighbouring Adriatic Union addressed the gathering, further enriched by performances from a large children’s choir, various ensembles, solo performers, and youth choirs.

Before Daniel Duda, president of the Trans-European Division (TED), delivered the main message, there was a special time for gratitude and prayer. Leaders, including South East European Union Conference (SEEUC) president Dragan Grujičić, SEEUC secretary Želimir Stanić, and TED treasurer Nenad Jepuranović, invited the new administration and their families to the stage to express their thanks for their dedication and commitment. Grujičić shared heartfelt words, expressing his gratitude to the team for their dedication to “true values, inviting others to cultivate relationships of love, respect, true friendships, and to humbly serve in God’s vineyard, wherever they are.” Concluding this part of the service, Duda offered a sincere prayer of gratitude with a wish that God will guide them during their new term of office.

“God shines his light in unexpected places”, said Daniel Duda, with a message of encouragement for SEEUC members. Pavle Runić, (right) served as translator.

As the new administration left the stage, the podium filled with young people who, in a united choir, lifted the mighty name of God. Accompanied by the orchestra, they sang “Our Mighty God,” creating an uplifting atmosphere. Duda then presented an inspiring message aligned with the theme for that Sabbath, based on James 4:8: “Draw near to God and He will draw near to you.”

Focusing on Mary, the mother of Jesus, Duda illustrated how God’s nearness transformed her life from an apparent tragedy into a divine comedy. In the afternoon, Duda shared the story of Moses and the burning bush, highlighting that closeness to God means discovering His light in unexpected places. He encouraged the congregation to see that the bush is still burning in the SEEUC, and that God’s presence remains visible.

Choir, ensemble and congregation joined together on Sabbath afternoon, creating a beautiful, inspiring atmosphere of gratitude.

The afternoon programme concluded with a special concert featuring a variety of styles, instruments, and voices, giving both young and old an opportunity to glorify God. The audience often joined in from their seats, creating a beautiful, inspiring atmosphere of gratitude. All present felt a foretaste of heaven, a deep sense of gratitude, and a longing for the continuous praise of the Creator.


[Photos: Filip Ilić]

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