Uncertainty - the movie, premiers 5 June

<p>5 June 2020 | St Albans / Bern&nbsp; [EUD/tedNEWS]&nbsp;</p> <p><br />GAiN Europe is delighted to announce the premier of the film <em><strong>Uncertainty</strong></em>, a film about fears, life decisions, and faith.</p>

News June 5, 2020

5 June 2020 | St Albans / Bern  [EUD/tedNEWS] 

GAiN Europe is delighted to announce the premier of the film Uncertainty, a film about fears, life decisions, and faith.

The film is a production of South America, Inter-Europe and Trans-Europe Regions of the Seventh-day Adventist Church, directed by Jefferson Nali with the contribution of Adrian Duré, Hope Media Europe Producer, and Rafael Rossi, South America Communication director. This is a production Feliz7play for GAiN Europe.

Alice is a young woman who is living through a moment of real uncertainty, not knowing how to deal with the pressure and expectations surrounding her future. Depressed and with growing anxiety, she decides to spend some time in her parents’ old cabin. In this process, she discovers that there is a refuge capable of making life lighter.

This very moving film from Brazil is created in Portuguese but is additionally available in Spanish, and with subtitles in English, French and Italian.

The premier is part of a larger Uncertainty project that includes a documentary series sharing ten real-life stories; a further documentary about students, graduates and their uncertain futures; 18 social media spots; and a short film based on the German ‘Encounters’ series.

In our current world climate with the fears over coronavirus, the global outrage over black lives matter, and current financial and emotional instability, these films cover a range of real-life stories and experiences that can touch the hearts of many people.
Uncertainty the project

Initial feedback from the premier on 5 June has been very positive.

“[An] amazing and wonderful film. I have studied a lot of psychology and also Biblical counselling. This film does an amazing job of expressing doubts and uncertainty in an external form, which can be a difficult thing to do. Thank You for your amazing work, God Bless You. (RG)

“Thanks for talking about important topics like mental health. It was a powerful movie. May God continue to use them. Blessings”. (NN)

“The film seeks to show how a person with anxiety and depression feels. Very good focused … It is terrible to fall into this. The enemy takes advantage of these situations so pray without ceasing … May God bless you… good material to analyse and share with people who have passed or who begin with some symptoms of depression”. (GM)

“This film looks like it was made for me.. I have been through this: ‘(… I do not know what I do anymore, my life is all torn apart. I feel suffocated with so much UNCERTAINTY ….. I ask pray for me. Please help me” ‘(RG)

View the film and more on the Uncertainty web page https://uncertaintyproject.org/

A note from the producers 

“If this film has raised issues for you or for people you know, please find an appropriate place to seek help. This may be a medical professional, a mental health expert or counsellor, a pastor or a trusted friend. You do not have to face this alone. While the story in this film is compressed into 45 minutes, healing and help often take longer. Please reach out for the help you need.”

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