Thomas Müller To Take On New Leadership Role

"I look forward to embarking on a new challenge," said Müller.

News March 15, 2024

15 March 2024| Copenhagen, Denmark [Peter Larsen]

After 17 years as an officer of the Danish Union of Churches Conference (DUChC) and serving for the last 12 years as president, Thomas Müller is leaving his leadership role to pursue new challenges.

As of 15 May 2024, he will take on a new role as School-director  of Vejlefjordskolen, the Danish Junior College, where he will continue to serve the Church and bring both his leadership skills and experience to the college.

Vejlefjordskolen, with 200 students, is located 10 miles east of the Danish city of Vejle, on the banks of the Vejle Fjord.
Vejlefjordskolen, with 200 students, is located 10 miles east of the Danish city of Vejle, on the banks of the Vejle Fjord.

Reflecting on his time as president, Müller commented, “It has been an amazing privilege to lead the Adventist Church in Denmark. It has given me many friendships and experiences and developed me as a person. It has given me lessons which I treasure and take into my new role.”

Müller continued, “After much consideration, prayer, and conversations with those closest to me, I have decided to accept the position at the school. I look forward to embarking on a new challenge to ensure that Vejlefjordskolen remains an important place in the education and formation of children and young people in the Church.”

Müller expanded on the school’s special characteristics. He believes that the Christian values the school has been built on since its inception in 1931 “must be lived out and not forced onto children and young people. Instead, they must be exposed to these values as they live their everyday lives at the school, enabling them to make their own conscious choices.”

Passionate about making Vejlefjordskolen a healthy environment where young people are shaped for the future, Müller explained, “I still consider myself a pastor and look forward to using my leadership skills and pastoral gifts in this new context.”

Trans-European Division president Daniel Duda, who has followed Müller’s leadership journey during his 12 years as president commented, “I want to extend my deepest gratitude for Thomas’ unwavering commitment, courageous leadership, and compassionate guidance of the Executive Committee, pastors, local churches and members.”

Noting, that Müller’s leadership will undoubtedly continue to influence our church and community for years to come, Duda continued, “We pray that the next chapter of his journey may be blessed with the same joy and fulfilment that he has brought to his job as Union officer and president. Our schools need people like him at the helm.”

Duda went on to recognise Kay Flinker the former principal. “Also my thanks to Kay Flinker for his years of leadership at Vejlefjordskolen and best wishes in this difficult time for his family. He and his wife are in our constant prayers.”

With Müller moving on to a new role in church life, he expressed gratitude for all the international relationships that developed through his years leading the church in Denmark, and to everyone who has mentored and supported him. Not least a thank you for prayers, which he hopes will continue for both the coming new Union President and Vejlefjordskolen.

At the 25 March extraordinary meeting of the Danish Union of Churches Conference Executive Committee, Bjørn Ottesen, was elected to serve as the new president.

[Featured image: Asun Olivan, Vejlefjordskolen: Tor Tjeransen, Adventist Media Exchange, CC BY 4].

This story was updated 27 March 2024.

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